What is Autism and How Can it be Discovered and Treated


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Autism is a general term that is used to cover a number of disorders known as Autism Spectrum disorders. These disorders affect the ones that have them in their interaction and communication with others. Autism was discovered in 1943, but there were very few cases back then. The number of people that suffer from autism greatly increased since it was first discovered, and so did the doctors’ and the media's attention on the illness.

Autism can affect anyone, no matter what age, sex, or race they are, and at the moment millions of people, both children and adults are suffering from one form of autism or another throughout the world. If one member of the family has one of the Autism Spectrum Disorders then the whole family will feel the repercussions, financial and social problems will occur and furthermore, it is a great chance that the children of the person who has Autism will also have it because it is transmitted genetically to the ancestors.

The Autism Spectrum Disorder term covers a wide range of affections with different symptoms and manifestations. For example, someone suffering from autism may be a person that doesn't speak and socialize at all. This was encountered in many cases of autism. Children with autism don't understand what the others are saying, cannot interact with other children and cannot play with them. The affection seriously affects the behavior, some of the patients developed an aggressive defense against anyone who tried to communicate with them, others appeared to develop a special sensitivity to the environment and its changes.

How can autism be detected, does it have any specific symptoms? Well, it's up to the family and the ones around someone with autism spectrum disorders to discover his/her condition. In the children's case the family or the teacher should be the first to notice that a child has a different behavior. These are the signs that can make you suspect a child of autism:

-the child starts to speak at an older age, later than the other children

-he focuses on one single object for hours sometimes

-he can speak words, but until the age of 2-3 years old he does not say a sentence with more than one word in it

-some of the children with autism spectrum disorders don't even respond to their own name when it is called

-the general behavior of the child indicates that he is withdrawn, indifferent and lonely.

A child that was discovered to suffer from autism must follow a special treatment. He must go to a special school where only children with autism learn. There is no known cure for autism, so the only thing that can be done is to help the ones with autism spectrum disorders live a better life.

Unfortunately, the number of people suffering from autism spectrum disorders is continuously increasing. Until the doctors discover a successful treatment, society and family must do anything they can to help them integrate. There are many websites and support groups that try to help the ones with autism.

More informations about autism causes or about child autism can be found by visiting http://www.autism-info-center.com/


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