There Isn't An Easier Way To Stop Smoking


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The first easy way to stop smoking is never to have started in the first place. It was not a tough decision to begin smoking, but it sure will be a tough one to quit. The decision to quit smoking has three possibilities, according to Bobby Jennings, a writer for Inner Self. Those possibilities consist of

(1) winning,

(2) losing, and

(3) a tie.

What this means is that we will win by successfully quitting smoking, or lose by reverting back to smoking, or tie - we will quit for while, start smoking, quit awhile, and so on . . . never quite getting anywhere except ruining our health.

Once we make the decision to quit, the first step will be to develop a stop date. This incidentally is the easiest, because the date is not locked in cement. It can be any day we choose; our birthday, our anniversary, our graduation day, and so on. However, our determination lies in giving up smoking on that date. We can quit smoking gradually over the course of time or do it “cold turkey. " The latter is a common term used for people who smoke until the stop date, and then give up smoking completely on that date. This is extremely difficult, and very few people succeed without smoking aids, counseling, or therapy.

The reason why the phase “easy way to stop smoking" is not easy but hard, is because it is difficult to let go of the withdrawal symptoms that will occur when we quit smoking: severe mood swings, irritability, sleeping problems, increased hunger, and a strong desire for a cigarette. To help a smoker through this phase, it is important to register with smoking clinics or smoking support programs. Other helpful methods are acupressure and acupuncture, adopted by many people for stopping smoking. Regular exercise and a healthy non-fat diet can improve your health and will leave you feeling energetic. Yoga and walking are also very beneficial.

Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) is a commonly preferred option by most smokers. These are available over the counters as well as by prescription. Some current products are nicotine gum and patches, which gradually provide the body with small amounts of nicotine to ease the withdrawals, and medication. Zyban is a very popular drug that helps the body get rid of the nicotine craving. Another new drug that was just released by the FDA in May of 2006 is Chantix, a tablet that helps cigarette smokers stop smoking. It acts upon part of the brain that is affected by nicotine, helping the smokers in two ways: it provides some nicotine effects, easing the withdrawal symptoms; and it blocks the effects of nicotine from cigarettes if smoking is resumes after quitting.

Take care to dispose all the ashtrays or any other reminders from your offices as well as home. Drink a lot of fluids or fruit juices instead of alcohol. It is essential to stay away from places and people who can increase the urge for a smoke. You can use your free time in pursuit of a newly discovered hobby or maybe visit a non- smoking support program

Last, write down the reasons for quitting smoking and read it every time you reach out for a smoke. Keep record of the number of days you have not smoked and tell yourself that you can keep it going. Treat yourself with the money that has been saved by not buying cigarettes. The biggest triumph would, however, be if you could influence others into giving up smoking.

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