The Advantages And Disadvantages of Creatine Serum


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With the popularity of creatine powder ever increasing, many variations of the product have come on to the market offering different benefits, different effects and not to mention at a different price tag. One of the main such variations is called creatine serum.

Creatine serum is really just a fancy word for creatine monohydrate in liquid form, or liquid creatine. The compounds are essentially the same apart from variations from manufacturer to manufacturer but there are growing differences in opinion regarding the effectiveness of the new creatine serum to the original creatine powder.

The main benefit of creatine serum was that it is said to be absorbed more quickly into the muscle tissue than normal creatine because in liquid it is already closer to being broken down. However scientific tests have shown to be that this is not generally the case although theory does suggest it. In reality the rate of absorbtion does not increase enough with creatine serum for it to count as a comperhensive benefit of using it over the powder.

Also rumour has begun that when taking creatine serum rather than creatine powder the user can skip the loading phase. The idea of the loading phase of creatine was to super saturate the muscles with the compound then take smaller amounts after wards just to maintain that balance. Obviously the way the creatine is taken doesn't change the need for this process to be followed so this is another myth about creatine serum that can be put down to hearsay.

There is even a proper concern in regards to taking creatine serum that when the creatine monohydrate is in liquid form it becomes partly reduced to a substance called creatinine which is useless for the muscles. One study found recently that there was actually a lesser concentration of creatine monohydrate in liquid creatine serum for exactly this reason that part of it inevitably breaks down into creatinine.

A big part of your choice in selecting which to use should be which is easier to take. I know for some people, particularly in the loading phase, taking 5 doses a day and having to get out the spoon and mix a teaspoon with water every few hours is too time consuming and can cause them through laziness to miss doses and hence lessen the effect of the substance. So test it out and find out which works best for you.

Ultimately creatine has outstanding benefits whether taken in creatine serum or powdered form. Furthermore, while it may or may not be able to be absorbed faster into the muslces, ultimately it will not result in any significant changes to your results either muscle gain wise, energy wise, or fat loss wise.

Gary Stephens is a bodybuilding writer and runs an informational website on creatine and creatine monohydrate supplementation.

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