How Women Can Quit Smoking


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It is normal to think that man and women all smoke for the same reasons. While it is true on the common reasons, man and women do smoke because of different and various reasons. Understanding this point can help women to quit smoking more effectively.

Studies have indicated that women start smoking for reasons such as a benefit for weight control. Smoking does help with weight control, but not as much as many believe it would. Sadly, most women is more afraid to deal with the few extra pounds compared to the increase risk of probability of a cancer.

Another reason why women smoke is due to their emotional bond with their peers. If their friend smokes, they will smoke too because they will feel that they can understand their friend’s issue. Research has shown female colleagues smoke together as a way of keeping their bond together.

So when a woman decides to quit, she will normally feel isolated or more distant than the former friends and colleagues. This prevents women from quitting as well.

Here are some steps and measures to increase the chances for women to quit smoking:

Combating Weight Fears

1) Increase the frequency of exercise. You can push yourself harder during your normal workout hours. Get involved with sports and encourage your lady friends to be involved as well.

2) Walk up escalators instead of waiting and riding it up. Walk of stairs instead of using lifts.

3) Reduce the amount of unnecessary food. Women tend to have cravings for junk food or such as chocolate and others that can be a cause of weight gain.

4) Drink more water daily.

Empathizing And Encouraging Friends

Other than smoking together with your friends, there are other methods to help your friend such as:

1) Be available to talk to your friend on the phone.

2) Assure them you will give them your support

3) Help them find other sources of support and help.

Timing To Quit

When you decided to quit smoking, do not quit during the time when you are at your peak physically, mentally and emotionally. Do not quit during when you about to enter your cycle. Quitting smoking after your menstrual cycle is a good timing as you will feel good at that time.

Tony James is an ex-smoker for 15 years and is currently helping smokers to quit smoking with ease without the discomfort of cravings or withdrawal symptoms.

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What Happens When You Quit Smoking? What You Can Expect to Happen Once You Quit .
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