Alzheimer's Disease Is The Most Common Type Of Dementia


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Alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer’s disease was first observed by a German Psychiatrist in 1906 by Alois Alzheimer; hence the name. Emil Kraepelin helped in the discovery by linking the disease with a neuropath logical basis of psychiatric disorders. It was found to be a type of dementia and is now conceded to be a part of aging. It seems to be a common and natural symptom of the aging process.

By the 1980’s the disease became well-known and people all over the world started to be diagnosed with the disease. Prior to the 1970’s or 1980’s, people who had suffered from the disease were thought to have been crazy. They were considered a flaw on society and was shielded from others. They, much like others who had a mental illness, were never shown to the public like a family secret.

Now Alzheimer’s affects thousands of people a year. It isn’t hidden anymore, but those with the disease are being treated and given the attention that they deserve. In the medical world, Alzheimer’s has been diagnosed as part of senile dementia and is mostly affecting those over the age of 65. However, some people have been diagnosed with the disease as early as 30.

Symptoms of the disease, is mostly a notice in memory loss. As the disease progresses, a person’s short term and long term memory is affected to the point where they may not remember anyone within five minutes. The forgetfulness will affect the person in several other ways. A person will become easily confused and scared. As the disease progresses, the person’s behavior will change to the point where they may have outbursts of violence or cries.

The later stages of the disease will then affect the person’s mobility. They will have a hard time balancing themselves and their muscles will deteriorate. They may even become unable to feed themselves. Eventually they will pass on from the disease. Doctors have noted the disease to last seven to ten years if not interrupted by other natural cause deaths like heart attacks.

They have marked a couple people to live up to fifteen years with the disease. But, most people will reach their final stage of the disease within five years. There is no cure for the disease, but some doctors have come up with their own theories on how to delay the symptoms of the disease. Most doctors will recommend that as you age, that you try to stay active and have well-balanced meals. By staying healthy and active, a person is less likely to be affected early in their life.

As for the diagnose, many people will be given blood tests to out rule any alternative diagnoses or issues and then they are given other tests that last weeks or even months. These tests try to observe the pattern of memory and intellectual loss. Doctors, with the help of the family and friends, are able to diagnose a person 85% accurate, but to be 100% the patient and disease must wait for microscopic examination of the brain tissue, which is down by autopsy.

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