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Do you suffer from herniated disc, or degenerative disc, sciatica, or spinal arthritis? Have you gone from doctor to doctor and get no relief from it, all they do give you shots and send you home with drugs to take, that only last for a few hours and then you are popping more pills? Have you had back surgery and the pain is still there?

Then maybe you are looking in the wrong place for back pain relief. I have two herniated disc, also sciatica and have been through the shots in the spine, taking pain pills and muscle relaxers and they only lasted a short time. I have gone to chiropractors and had acupuncture also. They only lasted a short time.

Finally I found the ticket to back relief. Have you heard of IDD Therapy. If not, then you may need to check into it. IDD Therapy stands for Intervertebral Differential Dynamics Therapy. This is a computerized table that they use, that helps reduce the built-up pressure on the affected disc, it is a self healing and rehabilitation of damaged disc, which will relieve low back pain. The treatments are painless. Each treatment takes 25 to 30 minutes, and after the treatment you will feel better and you won't miss out on work or pleasure. This machine makes you feel better, not put you out of commission.

Before these treatments I would have constant back pain and at times it was so severe that I couldn't stand up. My back wouldn't support my body. I have been stuck on the floor for three weeks and could only crawl when I needed to get around. Since I have started the treatments, I feel much better and I don't rely on pain pills and muscle relaxers. I still have days that my back bothers me, but not as often as before the treatments. As I get more treatments the pain decreases. Eventually I will be pain free, and the disc will be healed.

So if you have any of the symptoms, I suggest you check out the IDD Therapy. It might be the ticket for you. Continue


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