Your Diet Causes Acne - Myth or Reality?


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One of the most debatable topics when it comes to treating acne is that a patient’s diet is the biggest factor affecting it. It is usually regarded that fried fatty foods, junk food, chocolate and chili are the main types of food that can cause a big stir and are said to increase acne activity in acne affected areas, while a more vegetarian based diet is said to decrease the acne activity.

If you were debating on the opposing side, your first argument would be there is no scientific proof or evidence that the diet an individual follows has any affect on the activity of acne.

Up until today there is no real evidence to support the idea that, a person’s diet has any direct affect on acne.

Acne commonly occurs as a reaction in the skin to the hormone testosterone. In most people the testosterone is there in normal levels, but the skin responds in an irregular way to it. What causes this irregular reaction of the skin to testosterone in the blood is not really known, but it happens during a limited period of time and will ultimately correct itself. This process however, may take several months to several years and there is no certain way of predicting how long it will take for the skin to revert back to its normal state.

From what you can see above, there is no link between acne and an acne patient’s diet. This can further be backed by the fact that in recent studies conducted on different groups of people showed no difference in any data collected and compared between the groups. However a very interesting article recently published about acne studies done on a group of natives in a remote island somewhere in the pacific shows that the locals, who lived on pure organic and natural foods, never got acne.

In the end whether you believe your diet is affecting the acne on your face, even though it still remains a myth or simply undiscovered truth, we can conclude from a professional doctor’s opinion and advice you to stay away from foods you feel are making your acne get worse.

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