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Photorefractive Keratectomy is actually famous procedure of laser eye surgery. It is also called PRK and it uses laser to reshape the cornea. PRK is very useful in reshaping the cornea to get better vision. Most of the patients receive the noticeable differences in their vision and no need to wear glasses or contact lenses anymore.

In fact, PRK is not the same as LASIK surgery, because it shapes the top of the cornea using laser, rather than underneath it. It does not need to slice the top of the cornea to form a hinged flap like LASIK.

However, there is one drawback which is the PRK patients usually feel more pain than those trying LASIK surgery, and the discomfort may keep on for quite a few days. Their eyes may feel irritated and watery, which may prolong the recovery period. Also, PRK cannot give you instant vision improvement. Most of the time, 20/20 vision may not be achieved for about 1-2 months. Also, there are no guarantees that perfect vision will be achieved, and patients sometims may complain that they can see some halos around image.

In fact, PRK and LASIK eye surgery usually cost more or less the same. The eye surgeon need to have a full medical record and take a few of eye tests to make sure the patient is in good shape and their eyes are ok for laser eye surgery. Then a procedure date will be arranged.

The real laser procedures are a bit different. In PRK, the patients are needed a local anesthesia. Once it shows some effect, laser beams will be pulsed on the top of the cornea. This keeps on until the cornea is reshaped. A bandage which looks like the contact lens, will be placed on the eyes, and keep it untouched a few days to faster the healing process. A number of follow-up checks after the eye surgeon are scheduled over 2-3 months in order to ensure it is in the right progress.

It may take many weeks to improve your vision and you will have alternate clear and blurry vision. Some of the patients will need to wear glasses, especially at night. It is highly recommended to use eye drops for keeping the eyes moist and reduce the infection risk. Also, it is not suitable for patients to drive for the first several weeks after the surgery. It will take around 6 weeks or more to get the best vision.

It is really essential for you to choose an ophthalmologist who is professional and very experienced in PRK laser eye surgery. Try to ask friends and family for recommendation, visit many candidates, and always read all the related documents to ensure you know all the prices involved in the surgery. It is a good idea to avoid the junior level practitioners offering cheap prices. Do your own research, and you will be satisfied with the vision result.

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