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HPV (Human papillomavirus) causes genital warts. One million new cases of genital warts occur every year in America, often without symptoms. Once diagnosed with genital warts, the removal of the virus is the only way to avoid further HPV transmission. The primary goal of the removal treatment is to remove the wart virus. But removal doesn't guarantee recurrence. The virus remains latent after warts disappear, so they may reappear. Approximately 80 percent of women diagnosed with cervical cancer have HPV; so effective wart removal treatment is imperative.

The most common methods for wart removal are burning (cauterization) and freezing (cryosurgery). Talk with your doctor to find out which treatment would be right for you. Each and every person is unique, and each case of genital warts requires careful examination and counseling in order to set out a plan for treatment.

Cauterization and cryosurgery are not the only solutions for treating the human papillomavirus. Surgical removal, also known as electro surgery, is also possible. With this method, a sharp instrument, shaped like a loop, is passed underneath the wart and the wart is excised quickly and efficiently. Another removal technique, podophyllin, burns the wart tissue.

Some prefer a more homeopathic remedy than the usual Western treatments and medicines. They believe it is more natural; and there may be some truth to that. Herbal treatments have been highly successful in wart removal. Condylox is a topical liquid, which takes about four weeks to remove warts. Aldara is another topical herbal cream, which boosts the immune system to fight the virus.

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Wart Removal – Clinical Treatment Is No Longer the Best
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