Dermatitis- Taking Care of the Embarassing Itch Syndrome

Nilutpal Gogoi

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Dermatitis is a common skin disease and is also known as eczema. Hundreds of people fall prey to this dysfunction of the skin every year. Dermatitis is characterized by dryness of the skin and is usually accompanied by severe itch or irritation and the affected skin portion dons a red hue.

If you have such symptoms, use loose cotton clothes. Tight-fitting clothes made of synthetics only lead to more itches as these fabrics do not allow air to flow between the body and the surrounding environ. On the other hand, nylon or other synthetics only trap the air between the cloth and the body. This prevents the body heat from getting released and the sweat too remains clogged. Ultimately itching aggravates.

One can go for wet dressings to get relief. Drink plenty of cold milk instead of water. These would soothe your dry skin. Beware! Some body lotions can also be increasing dermatitis itching. The baby lotions are not the ideal items for the babies as these lotions contain too much of water and once this fluid evaporate; the body turns dry and itches result. Baby pads or what are known as ‘huggies’ especially during the dry summer season can lead to itches in the babies. Use light cotton cloth for the babies instead. The cotton cloth pads helps air to circulate between the baby’s body and the surrounding locale.

Don’t over bathe, but do it daily using lukewarm water. One can also get relief from the pain by soaking neem leaves in the lukewarm water. Soap can be used, but do use a moisturizer to obviate any possibility of your skin going dry. One can also use ointments and other greasy items (emollients to be used after bath) to keep the body moist.

Moreover, oatmeal powdered lukewarm bath water can also provide you the much needed relief from the itching. The other alternative is to go for oatmeal in place of the regular soap. In this case, simply dunk the hanky wrapped oatmeal in water and after wringing out the excess fluid use it as a washcloth.

Avoid dehumidified places and such locales where the air may be forcefully or artificially dehumidified, say via a centrally operated air conditioned system mainly during the cold season. Such an apparatus forces the air to circulate within the closed rooms of the house. The air thus becomes dry, and needless to say dry air is also bad for people suffering from dermatitis. The best way to check dermatitis is to keep your house humid or to ensure that the air inside the house is moist. Go for a humidifier, if need be, and do keep it adjacent to the bed. Last but not the least; calamine can quickly cure those rashes that ooze. Calamine also dries up such portions where wounds result after continuous scratching. Moreover, phenol or menthol mixed with calamine can deliver better results.

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