First Aid Burn Treatment


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Babies and small children are more susceptible to burns than adults. Contact with hot liquids and household appliances such as hot irons and kettles often cause injury to the skin. Some minor burns can be safely treated at home by administering first aid. There should not be any delay in providing first aid burn treatment to the victim, even in the case of a minor injury. However, major burns require immediate specialist medical care.

Depending on the injury caused to the skin, burns are commonly classified as first, second, and third degree burns. Of these, only first degree burns that cause damage to the top layer of skin can be given first aid burn treatment. In the case of second and third degree burns, it is necessary to seek urgent medical assistance.

During the process of providing first aid burn treatment, the aim must be to cool the burn, provide relief from pain, and cover the burn. First, remove clothing from the burned area as clothing can retain heat, even in a scald burn. Be cautious not to remove anything sticking to the skin covering the burned area as this may cause more damage and result in infection. Cover the burn with abundant amount of cold liquid. Do not use ice or iced water as the burn may take a longer time to heal. Dress the burn with a sterile pad or bandage. Applying oils, creams and sprays on the burn may add to the risk of infection, hence these products should not be considered during first aid burn treatment.

In situations of burns arising from flames, put out the flames by rolling the person on the ground and cover the victim with the help of a blanket or jacket. In case of electrical burns, the victim ought to be detached from the supply of electricity before administering first aid burn treatment.

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first aid burn treatment

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