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Conjunctivitis is a disease of the eyes that that makes the eye sore and inflamed and usually affects both eyes at the same time. It causes the vessels that are around the eye to swell up and the eyelid may also become discolored. It can be a very painful condition although it does tend to affect some people worse than others. It can also make the eye very itchy and this can make the condition worse if the sufferer repeatedly scratches it due to this symptom. Conjunctivitis can also make it uncomfortable for the sufferer to be in bright light and very often it is more comfortable for them to be in a room with lower lighting.

Conjunctivitis is usually caused by an infection but there can also be other causes as well. A virus can also cause it although this is less common. Allergies such as hay fever can also cause it, but infections are the most common cause. If you think that you are suffering from conjunctivitis it is very important to go and see your doctor as there are other more serious infections that are similar and they might want to do tests to make sure that you are not suffering from one of these. One way that they can do this is with special eye drops that allow them to see more clearly the root cause of the infection.

If you think that you might have conjunctivitis it is important that you are very careful, as it is highly contagious and very easy to pass it on to others. It is possible to buy eye drops from the pharmacy to make the condition a bit more comfortable but if it is severe than it might also be necessary to take antibiotics. If you are getting conjunctivitis because of an allergy then your doctor should be able to prescribe some medication for this. Another way to make your eyes feel a bit more comfortable is to use an eyewash, but again you should take the advice of your doctor as to whether or not this is appropriate.

Conjunctivitis can be a very irritating condition that causes pain to the sufferer but with the right medication from your doctor it can be cured so it is very important to get the right medical attention for it if you think that you might be suffering from this ailment. Finally, it is very important to be careful with anything that you use on your eyes to make sure that you do not pass it on to anyone else or catch it in the first place.

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