Disposable Hearing Aids Are More Than Meets The Eye


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People that are just starting to lose their hearing or have mild to medium hearing loss can benefit from disposable hearing aids. Not only can you save money with disposable hearing aids but they also have the same features and quality as traditional ones. An audiologist will test your hearing to make sure that a disposable hearing aid would be right for you and then give you a prescription.

Disposable hearing aids are a small, mushroom like, soft cap that goes inside the ear canal like traditional hearing aids. There life expectancy is up to forty days, the battery dies and you throw them away. There are many advantages that disposable hearing aids have over traditional ones such as:

1. There is no long wait while they manufacture the traditional hearing aids. A disposable hearing aid is ready as soon as you fill your prescription.

2. When the battery expires in a disposable hearing aid, you toss it out and buy a new one.

3. People with arthritis or that have problems with changing the traditional hearing aid batteries benefit from disposable hearing aids as they just throw them out and purchase a new one.

4. Because you only wear disposable hearing aids for a month or two, there is not the wax buildup or canal blockage that can occur from regular hearing aids.

5. There is no upkeep or maintenance with disposable hearing aids so no addition expenses like traditions ones and if there is a problem with the disposable ones, just take them back for immediate replacement.

6. Instead of having to spend a lot of money to purchase a custom hearing aid, the disposable ones cost approximately a dollar a day. This is far more affordable especially for anyone the lives on a budget.

One drawback is that sometimes a disposable hearing aid is not as comfortable as traditional hearing aids as they not custom made and fitted.

Disposable hearing aids are very helpful and affordable for those with hearing problems. Visit our site for more details on hearing aids prices and more/ .


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