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GTX 260 for the game FFXIV


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The crucial difference between many other games FFXIV favor HPE 290jp/CT

Immediately, the move on the test results. The two graphs that summarizes the overall score in 3DMark. Vantage 3DMark p6420jp did in normal operation. 3DMark06 overall score is, CPU and GPU scores affect the performance of both is truly 290jp/CT HPE, p6420jp have demonstrated a high score of around 4 times. Especially in high-load difference between the two sets tend to open more, this GPU may be seen as due to the difference in performance.

In addition, CPU performance differences are, 3DMark06 1280 is the default setting of dots × 1024 CPU As you can see the graph was extracted three scores, scores are also HPE 290jp/CT p6420jp about three times as much have to strike out performance. In the actual game or in the performance of HPE 290jp/CT useful information. Chart 4 Call of Duty 4 summarizes the average frame rate. We've played in the regulations to be comfortable that need 60fps, p6420jp standard setting is 1280 × 1024 dots, even, does not meet the criteria. Meanwhile, 290jp/CT HPE × 1920 high-load settings and even easier than the standard 1080 dots, the difference between the two is quite open. 05 charts, followed by “Resident Evil 5" is the result. Resident Evil 5 Capcom has its own development framework “MT Framework" is produced by, which is optimized for multithreading. Therefore, 290jp/CT HPE is possible for the 12 core threading 6, p6420jp from threading not only support two cores 2, setting a high load 290jp/CT HPE will score more than five times p6420jp has demonstrated, high performance glow. In addition, “Remnant" Last results and graph 6.

In The Last Remnant, as in previous tests, open the two is quite large. Square Enix is comfortable to work in the graphics settings set to high, and scores you need 65fps, Core 2 Duo machines are equipped with p6420jp has not received it at all. Meanwhile, 290jp/CT HPE is higher than the standards that are 1920 × 1080 dots, which can be played at high resolutions and comfortable. At the end of the performance test, FFXIV High Bench 7 shows the results of the mode chart. For FFXIV score, which Square Enix showed a certain standard, and less than 1500 have been working hard.

First, High mode, p6420jp has not exactly reached the 1500, 290jp/CT HPE is, High mode “normal" in 2500, but received “little heavier" and the gameplay can be tentative level. As mentioned above, also use any existing GPU “somewhat comfortable" level only, so I honestly give up.
Low resolution using a realistic mode, 290jp/CT HPE over 3000 issued a fine score, “somewhat comfortable" which is level. You may think that it is guaranteed to be above average comfort.
Meanwhile, p6420jp scores improved, but can be seen, can still play is hardly satisfactory.

Moving In fact, the difference between the two is obviously more even low-end GPU's hard to walk straight in

So really, FFXIV performance difference when play is let's see how her what. Here, visit the Square Enix, the two machines, FFXIV version I played maybe not as close to the version of β. The pattern you want to publish a video.

The video below, left HPE 290jp/CT, videos and p6420jp right. What has been played straight shot side by side at the same time. Order, town, dungeon, which is patterned in the field of play. For the city and the field is taken in two types of continuous day and night. Frame rate is not stable, so that the streaming condition as possible, I want to compare from the end while playing a whole once read.
The obvious difference between the frame rate without measurement. Full-screen 1280 × 720 dots, but have been drawn to play in setting the general assumption and Square Enix, p6420jp is stressful for the screen and are jittery, 290jp/CT HPE is Screen depictions have been very smooth.

In fact, p6420jp does I accidentally causes a little lag time before it is reflected in the actual screen to manipulate the controller, this was just hard straight running. If you look at this video you will be able to confirm or even run while meandering Why? But what do you combat, especially during the time lag waiting for screen drawing is deducted from HP, so hang almost to death.

In this town, dungeon, and were tested at the scene of three grassland difference in the scene of grassland to be drawn to the distance quite striking, and adds to the drawing of character player the other there The FFXIV p6420jp has prepared to play and say clearly impossible. On the other hand, HPE 290jp/CT, the screen rendering is done quite smooth in every scene, to play Maranakatta stress at all.

A few exceptions (in the dungeon at night and shoot 30fps field), 60fps video shooting and it has been encoded in frame advance means'd check. HPE 290jp/CT screen, I think we can see that almost all frames moving. Area and although there is no one else, 60fps in possession of “somewhat comfortable" to that level, the criteria and find that Square Enix is pretty high.
Of course, this is 290jp/CT HPE, FFXIV exceeding the specifications required for the β test. FINAL FANTASYR XIV deprived tend to look only comes Tesutorejisutoreshonkodo point β, to actually play FFXIV will look good and has good specs.

The ability to play immediate FFXIV attractive core 2 Duo is also worth a consideration if the replacement generation of users

As is evident from the test results, 290jp/CT HPE are not only FFXIV, high performance can be expected in other games. Of course, as shown in the video can be played FFXIV gil and comfortable, provided with immediate Tesutorejisutoreshonkodo FINAL FANTASYR XIV β, we can produce.
If you just simply create high-performance PC, and do I put a high-performance parts. However, there is often a long play MMORPG, if it just is not enough. 290jp/CT HPE is Japan, it also “production" Tokyo has been billed to a product that boasts high-class reliability. PC manufacturers to buy the biggest advantage in reliability and support, this MMORPG is also important to be comfortable and enjoy.

If you want to play FFXIV quickly, adventures can be played immediately after purchase FFXIV Ready PC “HPE 290jp/CT" The machine is definitely recommended. Core 2 Duo series of generations, especially people who use a PC if you are interested in ffxiv gil , HPE 290jp/CT purchase is worth a consideration.

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