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Views on a Few Video Games on the Market Today

Victor Epand

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These are some really amazing video games that are available on the market today that gamers are sure to enjoy and are available for the majority of the top video gaming systems. Video game developers are coming up with some really fantastic video games that gamers may want to check out.

Barrel Blast was created for the Wii video gaming system and unfortunately it has its ups and downs. This video game is truly terrifying in what you are expected to do in making your cute flying character race, which means that the Wii controller must be shook up and down extremely violently. This is not a video game that gamers will want to play for a long period of time, because it can get physically painful after a while. The video game has three tracks and limited game modes, but it would be perfect for the child with way too much energy because they would definitely grow tired after a while.

Cooking Mama Cook Off is another video game developed for the Wii video gaming system. This game offers gamers real life cooking tips and is great for gamers of all ages. Gamers will definitely feel like they are Rachel Ray or Gordon Ramsey when they are really peeling potatoes and chopping up onions, but with out the tears.

The best thing that can be said about the button mashing action video game Heavenly Sword is that it has well acted and rendered cut screens that move the finely crafted story line along. The characters within these mini movies are incredibly lifelike in that gamers will almost believe they have their own souls. The in-game action is sort of repetitive and even at times a bit frustrating. The main character, Nariko, can swing her mighty sword only in so many ways against the never ending supply of generic enemies.

Lair has to be the worst video game of 2007 simply because it is so unplayable. Although there were a ton of developers that worked really hard on the story line and the technology this was all completely undone by some really poorly executed controls. Steering the giant dragon is sort of like trying to herd a dozen kittens into a box and getting them to stay due to the impossible to control controls.

Mass Effect is not the kind of video game you pick up and play for just a little while, then go on to something else. It is more like a truly long sci-fi mystery novel where there is action at the turn of every page. This video game might be complicated and intense, but it is perfect for the gamer that has a large amount of time to invest in solving the countless mysteries of the confusingly named species in the galaxies of the future.

Not too many role playing video games get more immersed and as hard to follow as Mass Effect, which is due to it being stocked full of choices for the gamer and plots. Gamers are able to create their own version of Commander Shepard and live their life as the leader of a squad of interspecies soldiers who are out to save humanity. If you are a gamer that enjoys this type of video game, then you will definitely have a hard time finding a better experience than this video game.

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