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Siegelord SLG Browser Game Fair Reviews

Nora Zhou

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Are you complaining that every SLG you played is just of the same and simple gameplay? You are facing the overwhelming information of game news, reviews, advertorials, advertising and videos and sometimes you can't even tell which viewpoint is fairer. I hope every one of you interested in strategy game can stop for a second and turn your eyes to Siegelord, a new SLG released last December.

I didn’t find Siegelord to be as much of a grind as most other strategy games because it indeed innovate a few things every week. I wasn't online for Siegelord about nearly one week until today for i was on a short tour but I was really surprised by the new update this time. You see, there is a large dice listed on the lower right side. You have six free chances to play it. Which number you played out determines how many steps you can go forward and what resources will you receive. It's just like you are playing the dice game with your partner at desk.

Siegelord update-play dice

Yeah, this is quite new, isn't it? Let's continue.

Three kingdoms of Siegelord

Before you can start the game you are required to choose your belonging of which kingdom you'd like to stay. There are three different nations, and a very nice looking world map to facilitate your choice. After reading a brief description of each nation you will come to the next step of choosing one of four different avatars, and there is probably at least one that fits your personality.

Four avatar for your choice in Siegelord

Unlike in other games that you are only given one plot of buildable land, Siegelord gives you several plots or village, each dedicated to the fabrication of a specific resource. For example one plot will be dedicated to military production while another might be dedicated to wood. Then, of course, you have your standard residences which generate gold. This game differs slightly in the area of settlement in that at the center of your various plots of land, you have a massive palace which you can occupy. The position you hold in said palace will define the amount of resources you receive per hour, and you can always try to move up the food chain a bit if you wish.

All structures are upgradeable, and as you work your way through the available quests, you will be automatically tasked with upgrading them. In the beginning this is easier simply because you have access to an ‘autocomplete’, as well as the ability to upgrade all possible buildings simultaneously. The only thing that keeps you from upgrading all of them is a lack of construction workers which can be remedied. The game has instances, as you might expect from an MMO like this, and they each contribute to the story.

The story, however, is about as clear as mud, and you are simply trying to retake territory. Honestly, the story does not have much to do with the true nature of the game, which we will get to in a moment. The instances present themselves as villages across a map, and your goal is to take each village using the army you create. You do not create the army directly, but rather recruit generals during battles, and those generals will recruit men to their cause. As you conquer each village, you move closer to the end of the map, and at the very end, you are usually given access to a new general who will be sent to the ‘tavern’ tab.

Dismiss the general in Siegelord

With your army fully recruited you will be able to attack. After you reached certain level, you will be able to choose another stronger general. During each general’s first attack you will have four different choices. You may assault, guard, retreat, or send the general in to cause damage all by themselves. You can let the general automatically fight with their enemy if you don't have enough time manipulating the game but still want to accumulate Exp. I suggest you playing by yourself in that you can indeed apply your intelligence and tactics.

When you apply your tactic, you should use the general power carefully because the general can be chosen only for one time then comes to the three conventional tactics. Let’s say for example the enemy has chosen the assault tactic. You should either choose to block, or you could choose to assault them head on. Blocking has more of a chance of working properly, but your assault may in fact break theirs. If their tactic is broken, you are automatically awarded the first strike in the battle, which can determine the victory. Still, at some point during the battle, it comes down to sheer numbers and whether or not you have them.

Apply your general power in siegelord

As with any browser-based game today you will need to pay a bit of money if you expect to advance to the endgame. This will mean, of course, buying diamonds which allow you to speed up production and provide you more chances to obtain better equipment. Different level equipment is denoted with varying colors such as blue, green, purple, etc. Your access to these amenities will be allowed a few times every hour, but you will find that you constantly need better equipment to move forward, and for this you may find yourself buying diamond recharge packs to click just ‘one more time’.

While, it seems that how soon you can push your playing of siegelord can't be predicted since it always comes out new content every week that drives you back to the game. In my opinion, the game can be enjoyed without paying if you wish. As a casual player, you would certainly be in luck as me. One of the most amusing aspects of the game is ‘praying’ for resources. Yes, you heard that right; you can pray for resources and they will be granted to you. You can only pray a certain number of times however before the game will stop you and ask that you purchase more diamonds to continue praying. I assume this is like making a donation to the church.

As I played through the game up to level forty I did find the battles pretty enjoyable, particularly being able to choose the strategy I wanted at the beginning. In some cases I found it more helpful to deploy my general in the middle of the fight rather than at the beginning simply to give myself more of an edge. You can certainly try any tactics you wish when you decide to give Siegelord a try.

As far as I can see, the pro and cons are as follows:

Pros: Endless creation.

Clear graphics.

Abundant rewards.

More intelligence application.

Strong community.


Slow upgrade.

I'd like give siegelord a score of 4.6 out of 5.

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