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Why the Roulette Odds Are Always Against the Player

Niall Mckibbin

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One of the most exciting casino games that any novice player can try their luck at is the Roulette wheel. It's one of the most basic casino games, yet offers a wide number of betting options for gamblers to try and increase their chip count.

There's one common denominator each player faces - whether they choose to bet on a single number, odd or even, or red or black - and that's the fact that the house seems to always win.

Sure, a player can get lucky and place $100 on red as they leave the casino, then collect their winnings and head out the door but when played over time the spinning wheel will always come out on top for a few reasons:

The Odds Aren't Truly 50/50

When a Roulette player bets $100 on red and it hits on the wheel, they get their $100 back in what appears to be a 50/50 bet. As any experienced casino guest knows, there are two green numbers (0 and 00) that knock the win odds down to 47% for the player. This same edge also affects the Odd/Even bets as well as the 1-18 and 19-36 wagers.

There Is No Skill

This is the number one reason why the house ALWAYS wins at Roulette, it isn't considered a game of skill like Blackjack or Poker. In those card games players can fold, double down, split, etc. based on the cards they receive which therefore improves their overall winning odds. Skilled players also know how to count cards or read another player.

Each roulette spin on the other hand is an independent trial. Players can't predict what numbers will hit based on past spins (as long as the wheel and ball are legitimate) and there are no number combinations that give better winning odds.

The house actually has a %5.26 winning percentage on each bet which guarantees they'll win over the long haul.

The House Plays the Long Run

As with any casino game, there's obviously always going to be a big winner that puts a dent in their overall profit. A high roller could conceivably sit down at the Roulette table, place $1000 on an individual number, and walk away with $35,000. Every casino in the world will take that bet because the odds of a player win are only %2.63.

The most common metaphor for the house winning in the long run is the betting on the coin flip. On 10 flips one gambler might win all 10 times but the odds are they won't win all 100. Eventually the odds dictate that of 100 flips about 50 will be heads and 50 will be tails.

Since a player's odds on red or black bets are only about 47%, this means that over the long haul, the odds will measure out and this doesn't even take into 12+ exotic bets that can be made on each spin.

Just because the house always wins in Roulette doesn't mean that one player can't take home a pretty good windfall on their trip to the casino.

The spin of the Roulette wheel is one of the most exciting 15 seconds one can spend gambling, whether they wager $1 on Red or $100 on Number 29. Some prefer playing casino games online , perhaps thinking they may have better luck with virtual Roulette.


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