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Logos quiz answers: A Little Application With a Big Cultural Impact


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The Logos quiz game is an apt developed for the android iPhone and other smart phone services in tablets in which players try to come up with Logos quiz answers, by guessing the name or company associated with a particular brand name with certain pieces of their famous logo missing such as apostrophes or other symbols and taking them out of context. Although this game is still in its beta version. It is constantly being updated with new logos and levels added to it, it has become so popular that on any one of the social media networking websites. A person is likely to be asked the question what is your Logos quiz answers, IQ? Meaning, how many Logos, did the player recognize, and how many levels did they get through on their first try.

One of the reasons that this game has become so popular as an application for smart devices is most likely because it is relatively simple does not take any special skills or in-depth understanding of rules to play it uses things that everyone sees every day and just manipulates them to make them known in unusual. It is also rather interesting to note that a number of websites and blogs have been developed to help individuals find the Logos quiz answers in a much more rapid pace (cheat). This is interesting because one does not really have to go to a website devoted to helping individuals find these answers to cheat.

They simply have to surf the web, watch TV or pay attention to billboards or other advertisements. They come across every day in the course of their daily life and they will be sure and find the Logo quiz answers in any direction they look.

This game does put advertising in a new and interesting perspective and does demonstrate just how integrated these Logos have become into modern society. As they are seen so often that they are even taken for granted and when taken completely out of context some of them are completely unrecognizable one of the other nice things about this particular game is that it can be played almost anywhere on any smart device to kill time on a boring bus ride on the train or subway or in between college courses and put down an instant and then picked right back up again when boredom strikes. It is also interesting to note just how many local quiz answers people are able to come up with off the top of their head for the smallest product is also interesting to note on the other hand just how many product logos. They are unable to come up with Logos quiz answers for, even though society sees this particular product being advertised in thousands of times a day in several different ways although if someone sees something enough they may become blind to its presence, and then when it is taken out of context.

They won't be able to recognize it because they have nothing to associate with playing the game and looking for Logos quiz answers, puts the impact of advertising on an individual's life into perspective.


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