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A Fun Game With Only One Level – Try It Out!!!


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What does your child do when he is feeling bored? Does he watch television, listen to music or does he go out with friends? About 90% of the parents, who have a computer with an Internet connection at home, will answer “play online games”. Internet has become today, a very important communicative tool and a part of everyday life in almost all the houses. We can’t think of live without an Internet. The Internet has brought people closer and has made the world smaller. Though Internet is used for getting information, communication, education, business etc, a high percentage of Internet use is for entertainment such as watching or downloading movies and songs and for playing online games. In fact more than children, we find that online games are played more by teenagers and adults.

Online games are available in various categories like racing games; sports games, puzzles, shooting games, strategy games, action games etc, and you can also find educational games and animal games for your kids. It is very beneficial to introduce your children to online puzzle games from a very young age, once they have learned to use the computer , because not only is it fun and entertaining, but it also improves their ability to think logically and improves their concentration power.

Among the various online puzzle games such as Age of Wars, Angry Birds, Crush the Castle, Gibbets, Penguins Attack, Bloom of Defender etc, one very popular newly released puzzle game to kill boredom is This is the only Level. It is an unusual game, which does not have many levels, like all the other online games. A poor tiny blue elephant tries to pass from one level to the other levels, but since the elephant forgets the other levels, poor thing, it has no other go, but to come back to the same level. This is what the game, This is the Only Level, is all about. The elephant has to totter and jump on to blocks and press the red button which will open the sliding door to enter the tunnel, hoping to enter the next level, but lands back in the same level. Though the game has only one level, there are about 30-32 stages and the stages which look easy in the beginning become challenging a as you proceed further and you have to use your ability to think as to how to overcome these stages, with the use of the arrow keys. The left and right arrow keys make the elephant turn left and right and the ‘up’ arrow makes the elephant move forward.

If you like to play this game, you can find it under This is the Only Level 5 or This is the Only Level 6 along with its successors, This is the Only Level Too or This is the Only Level 3. The popularity of this game is making the developer, Armor games think of releasing newer version of this game such as Only level game 4 and Only Level game 5 as early as possible.

Play the newly released This is the Only Level 5 game or try other great Puzzle Games similar to This is the Only Level 5 at


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