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Sharpen Your Skills – Play Online Strategy Game!


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Almost all houses have computers today, and there is nothing more relaxing and enjoyable than playing online games, whether you are at work or at home. Even children have found online games as a great source of entertainment than toys and outdoor games, and in fact many parents have found online games a great way to bribe their children to do their homework.

Among the various categories of online games such as racing, puzzles, action, adventure, sports etc, strategy games such have taken off as a favorite genre among children and adults. What you need to play a strategy game is proper planning and decision making skill. The player’s victory in such a game depends on the decisions he makes. There are so many strategy games which can be played freely, in the various online gaming sites, and to play a strategy game of your choice, you just need to click on the game, which will appear on your screen in a few minutes. You can between strategy games which require your skills to solve puzzles or you can choose between strategy games which are battle games which contain conflicts and battles, and one such battle game which has been very popular ever since it was introduced is Age of War. A game, as the name suggests is a war game where the goal of the game is to create an army to destroy the enemy base.

Use your skills and make moves to protect your base at any cost if you want to win the game. Instead of various levels which are normally found in the online games, the Age of War, is divided into five ages, and you have to win each age to move on to the next age. But to move on to the next age, you need Xp points, which you can earn when you destroy the enemy units. You can build defenses to protect your base from enemy attack, and each age has a special attack which you can use as and when required. Before you play the game, you have to choose a difficulty to play the game. There are three difficulties; normal, harder and impossible. The game is controlled by using the mouse of your computer, and the game starts with the cavern men’s age, where you fight by using cavemen and dinosaurs, and then you evolve to the next age, and eventually you will progress to the modern warfare, where you will be using helicopters and tanks. Each age has its own unit and turrets and totally you can take control of 16 different units and 15 different turrets, with the help of which you have to destroy your enemy base, and at the same time defend your base.

The Age of War 2 was released with the same gameplay, but with more fun and more upgrades, and later the Age of War 3 and Age of War 4 were also released. All the games start with the Stone Age, with a base and some money, and evolve as the game progresses. You can earn money as you destroy the enemy base. Your planning and decision making skills in building troops to defend and destroy your enemy plays an important part in helping you win the game.

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