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Zombie Online Games In Another Level of Fun


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Every individual has a brilliant mind and it is human nature that we all love to invent something and use it for the good of our lives but some have abused some of the inventions that lead to negative factor in our living. Yet we do not stop thinking and making new things especially the expansion of technology from laptops, cellular phone, iPad and the Internet. We have been benefited with the introduction of Internet from news, video streaming, media, social networking, ads and online gaming. The world has become smaller and smaller because of technology. All around the world, people are accepting this new trend. People need the World Wide Web for market, socialization and entertainment.

In fact we use our imagination to make fictional innovation, no matter how impossible that thing can be. We always aimed for something that we can dream of and hopefully might happen in the future. And that is what is happening right now, with the help of the Internet, we are informed with what we may accomplish if we have to do this and that. We all know about Facebook and the introduction of CityVille and Farmville games in the computer while using the social network to reach out loved ones and at the same time make new friends. Yet there are many more things to come not just Facebook, but also online games like zombie games, skill games, puzzle games, quiz games and a lot more.

We have been introduced to something that is pretty impossible yesterday but now have become reality. Yet there are many things that cannot become a reality. However, because we love to dream of something that can entertain us and love to experience those things, we invented many forms of entertainment that are within our reach. As we all know, the recent online games have invaded the entertainment world whether online or offline. One of the popular games today is Farmville which involved doing farming tasks including planting, farming, harvesting, constructing, buying and so forth. The things in reality that you cannot experience can now be experienced through the Internet.

Management game genre did not stop in management alone but evolved to the survival of the humanity. “Rebuild” is a game that combined zombie and management game concepts that truly brings out a new style of entertainment. Here you will need to rebuild buildings, recruit survivors, scavenge for food, kill zombies, scout and reclaim areas. The game's story begins where human beings must stay alive and must rebuild their society and government because zombies were the main inhabitants of the city.

With few survivors, you will be managing the defense of the fortress especially during zombie attacks, looking, recruiting and training for survivors to kill zombies or scavenge for food. In the game you need to manage food supply to the survivors and you need to expand some other building for another territory as a source of defense, fortress and another building to reclaim. Day by day you are appointing men to do some job and at the end of the day expect an attack from the zombies.

When you play this game you need to think wisely and place your men strategically. Take note that you need to assign them safely to avoid the risk of being killed by the zombies. Your tactic and action will determine the success of your expansion and the overall survival of your people. There are two ways to do that. One is to eliminate the zombies and recruit survivors and second, reclaim the building and scout more building for safety. You need to manage this game wisely especially the food supply because the more you consume a lot of food the more you loss supply and people in the long run may not cooperate with you. To supply more foods, you need to build a farm or you need to scout all over the building especially the malls to look for provisions.

In this game, you also need to make the citizens happy by building a church or a bar where they could unwind. In the long run, you will need to build a school to train soldiers, train builders and scientists. You can also build research laboratory for more upgrade and give trained men some missions. Make sure you analyze before you make a move because sometimes it will take one or two days to reclaim the building for the supply to come.

There may be a lot of things to do in this game but overall this is a very enjoyable and engaging play that will give you different level of fun.

Enjoy today playing zombie games online for free. You can also play quiz games for kids.


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