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Do You Need to Use Cityville Hacks and Cityville Cheats?


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Cityville has now become the most popular game ever played on facebook. It has now passed farmville and any other online game you can think of. Just by looking at the graphics in comparison to the other games you can see Zynga has obviously put a lot of time and money into the creation of cityville. With so many people playing it is no wonder how many are searching for cityville hacks or cityville cheats of some description.

What you need to decide is if it is worth the risk to use these cityville hacks.

Let's face it right from the start. Zynga wants you to be able to play the game for free but encourages you to spend money to speed it up. Now don't get me wrong I find nothing wrong with the idea at all. After all if it was not profitable to them to create cityville we would not have the game to play in the first place.

Do you seriously think Zynga will allow people to use these hacks to avoid paying them money to buy the same things? They most likely have dozens of programmers studying the hacks as fast as you are and altering the game code to stop them working.

Even if you do manage to find one that does seem to work for you can you be sure it will go undetected. Many of these so called cityville hacks also require you to almost be an expert coder to be able to insert them into your game. Anyone caught using these cityville hacks will end up being banned. How much fun will cityville be for you then?

Another reason you might want to avoid using cityville hacks is the unknown factor. It usually requires you to download a certain bit of code to your account. Do you really know what this code is doing? It could possibly be moving all of your private banking information to an unknown source for fraud purposes.

Professional hackers will use all kinds of means to get your personal information so be very wary of downloading anything from an unknown source. They know how tempting the idea of game hacks can be so you can guarantee they will use the idea to get past your anti-virus software.

If you are looking for cityville hacks because you are really struggling to play the game then it is doubtful one of these hacks will help much anyway. A far better way to go is getting someone who totally understands the game to help you. If you do not know one then there are some excellent cityville guides available

The well known online gaming freak Tony Sanders has written an awesome cityville guide complete with videos to show you how it is done in real time. This guide is full of great cityville strategy along with some less well known cityville secrets to help you through the game

His guide really can get you to the top levels of cityville quickly and with out spending lots of real money in the process

My best advice is to stay away from any so called cityville hacks and just get a good cityville guide like cityville secrets to show you how to do things.

If you are looking for some more good cityville hacks and cityville cheats try visiting to learn more.


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