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WOW Rogue Leveling & Quest Guide


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There is no doubt that the Rogue is world of warcrafts premier DPS dealer. The world of warcraft Rogue is very unique because of its’ incredible ability to enter a fight, do very high DPS and then vanish into the shadows. Despite it's limitations to cloth and leather armor and no healing abilities, the Rogue can do DPS damage like no other class. The Rogue uses a series of disengage's, interrupt's and stun's to inflict serious DPS before the enemy can react. With all this specialization of the Rogue there there are some expected setbacks to playing a Rogue. The Rogues job is stealth and fast attacks, so unless it's in melee battle it pretty much is a scout or surveyer. As a hole, the Rogue is played as either a very defensive or a very offensive class.

Some points to consider when choosing a Rogue race:

Don't take your Rogues race selection lightly, it has great bearing on the future of your Rogue. There are plenty of choices, each having important to note strengths and weaknesses.

For the Alliance:

The dwarves Find Treasure ability compliments the Rogues Lockpicking skill very nicely in certain situations. As a dwarf with Mace Specialization, the Rogue has basic use of a mace available to them. The Rogue will get a benefit from the dwarves Stoneform due to its resistances to bleed's, disease's and poison's.
The Escape Artist ability of the gnome is naturally a nice fit for the Rogue, and since the gnome's have Engineering you can have many useful item's otherwise not available.
The human race is good for most classes but doesn't do much for the Rogue. Their Sword and Mace ability is not really the Rogue's style, but their Diplomacy and Every Man for Himself skills give some help.
The night elf race brings another disappearing skill to the Rogue using Shadowmeld and adds +1% to the Rogues ability to dodge which is nice.

For the Horde:

The Rogue will find the blood elves Arcane Torrent and Magic Resistance defense skills since the Rogue has little defences of its’ own.
The orc's have Blood Fury to tweek the Rogues DPS and for added defense you can use the orcs Hardness ability.
Oddly enough the troll race makes for a pretty good Rogue. They have Regeneration for self healing, Da Voodoo Shuffle to helps to counter act crowd control and Berserker which will increase the rogues DPS.
The undead race allows you to heal yourself using Cannibalize and if you play in PVP, Will of the Forsaken will be very effective.

As a new Rogue your main attack is Sinister Strike which you will use teamed up with Throw and Eviscerate. After you get some gold, you may want to purchase the Stealth skill.

Once you get your Rogue to level 4, Backstab should be your new attack of choice along with Sinister Strike and Throw. The Pick Pocket ability will be very helpful as well.

A new attack called Gouge comes up at level 6, it's a very good attack but you can also level up Sinister Strike to level 2 making it even better. Eviscerate should still be used as a finishing move.

At level 8 be sure to raise Eviscerate to rank 2 and learn Evasion to help you get out of tricky situations.

When level 10 is reached you will want to start considering which way you want to specialize your Rogue. Take a good look at your different talent tree's to help you decide how you will want to use your talent point's. Leveling up to level 16 or so you should have your specialization pretty much figured out, and be well on your way to being a skilled Rogue.

From here on in there will be too many posible variable's to discuss, enjoy the game and use your talent point's wisely to build a ultimate Rogue.

Thanks and Happy Gaming

WOW Rogue Leveling & Quest Guide

World of Warcraft Strategy Guide

World of Warcraft Leveling Guide


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WoW Rogue Arena PvP Guide - Rogue Guide To Dominate Arena's
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