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WOW Paladin Leveling and Quest Guide


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Leveling a Paladin is great fun but it also mandates considerable flexibility. After a battle you may be healing your team and then go right back into battle as the partys tank. This is not a problem for the adaptable Paladin class. The Paladin is an expert in melee combat being highly skilled with both swords and maces, but is very limited when it comes to long range attacks. Fortunately this is not much of an issue since the Paladin will pretty much always be engaged in hand to hand combat.

Some points to consider when choosing a Paladin race:

If you have been playing wow for a while you might remember when the Paladin only had 2 races to choose from. Your only choices where a dwarf Paladin or a human Paladin. This greatly narrowed down the playing abilities of the Paladin in world of warcraft which deterred some people from playing a Paladin. The Paladin didn't get much help from the humans 10 percent to reputation gained. As a dwarf Paladin you had the bonuses of Stone Form and Cold Resistance, but the Gun Specialization of dwarves was of no use. Pretty much six of one and half a dozen of the other. With the world of warcraft expansion (The Burning Crusade) the Paladin was offered the first horde race Paladin making the blood elf available. On the alliance side in world of warcraft the new draenei race is able to be a Paladin which uses a neat + hit percentage aura and Hot spell.

The Paladin is a very effective character class but in the begining take it slow and don't be too aggressive when leveling. If you don't learn how to best play a Paladin in world of warcraft right from the start you may miss out later in the game. Keep your fighting time minimal at first, fight a bit and then back away to make sure your ok. Always be on a quest, this will help you get better items and will help with leveling up.

Be sure to double check that you have done every world of warcraft quest in each zone you are in.

Be sure to learn as much as possible from your available trainer to help in leveling your character before moving on to another area of wow. This is also a great time to do a little research into professions that you think will help you along. You will need to learn professions so look into them early. Basic professions like mining can be a big help to a new character to get gold until you have leveled up a bit and learn more impressive gold getting methods. It might be a little early to mention this, but try to save a little gold so that at level 20 you will be able to purchase a mount making leveling much quicker in wow.

Paladin solo leveling or group play:

Being that the Paladin is an excellent melee fighter with both offensive and defensive auras and has self healing abilities, it is a perfect soloing character. If you are playing a Paladin you should take advantage of its’ excellent soloing ability. Play a Paladin with a party only when necessary, leveling up will go faster and you will get better stuff if you stick to solo play. partys usually welcome Paladins with open arms as the are a valuable addition to any party.

Being a primarily melee character class I suggest you choose the retribution spec A. S. A. P. as it will help your melee damage. At first your choice of weapons will be whatever you can get but once you have some gold I suggest you try a 2 handed weapon such as a sword, hammer or axe since they will deliver the most damage. The Paladin spends allot of time tanking or soloing and needs to concentrate mostly on dealing massive damage. A two handed hammer will generally inflict more DPS than a one handed hammer. I don't rule out keeping a nice one handed weapon and shield in your inventory, there will be times where they will be more powerful than a two handed weapon but stick with the high DPS two handed weapon most of the time. To keep in balance with getting a good weapon, try to get some mail armor aiding your strength and stamina as you will want a strong defence as well as a strong offence. Don't worry too much about other bonuses just yet, you will get them in time.

WOW Paladin Leveling & Quest Guide

World of Warcraft Leveling Guide

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WoW Paladin Arena PvP Guide - Guide To Dominate Arena's With Paladin
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