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Rift Guide - Gold Farming Tips To Increase Your Leveling Speed


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One of probably the most important power leveling secrets that can be given in any Rift guide, that will really help you level up much faster in Rift-The Planes Of Telara; would be to GET LOTS OF GOLD. A substantial amount of gold will:

  • - significantly increase your momentum pace
  • - assist you to finish everything a lot faster
  • - cut your wasted time travelling in half
  • - ultimately make your time spend in Rift much more enjoyable

Here in this Rift guide, I'll be sharing a few of the valuable methods to collect more gold, such as;

How To Start Collecting Gold at Low Level

To begin making a great quantity of gold at low level, the very first region you will want to look for is Eliam's Field [coordinate: 6493-4846], an area of the Defiant. Start grinding right here at Level 10, where you will easily discover numerous boars that doesn't take much effort to be destroyed. Eliminating these boars will gain you Tough Sinews, an item valued at least one gold each. Selling a stack of these to the vendor will bring you a huge cash flow.

Killing the boars in this region will also give you access to a weapon quest called Mutated Meat. This incredible weapon will help kill the boars even faster.

How You Can Get Much more Gold

Once you have the cash (gold), the very first buy you should make is BUY BIGGER BAGS. It'll allow you to carry more items at once, which you are going to sell to obtain more gold. This may reduce a great amount of time spend travelling back and forth to the buying vendor.

Another important suggestion:

If you are nonetheless unable to gather a good quantity of gold by Level 15, start grinding Forest Stalkers/Strikers [coordinate: 6165-5483]. They're a lot simpler to kill with little downtime, and they have a 10% opportunity of dropping Length of Spider Silk worth 1 gold each.

By killing the right mobs at the right location, not only will you be able to level up faster but you'll also be accumulating a lot of gold that will permit you to buy all of the important stuff for low level characters.

Need more insider tips that will let you level up FAST? Visit The Rift Guide blog. You'll find lots of powerful Rift leveling guide , tips and strategies that will let you dominate the game fast. . . very fast.


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Where to Get the Best World of Warcraft Gold Farming Guides? - Wow Gold Secrets .
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