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WOW Druid Leveling & Quest Guide


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Thinking about playing a Druid in world of warcraft?
If this is the first time you have played a Druid you should find this information helpful to help get you going. Here we will give a general overview of basic Druid play and some points on getting your Druid on it's way too the higher levels A. S. A. P.

When starting out as a Druid in the original world of warcraft you have two races to choose from. The Alliance only allows you to choose the night elf race for the Druid. For the Horde Druid, the tauren is the race you will have to choose. The worgen race for the Alliance and the troll race for the Horde were made available to be a Druid with the introduction of the Cataclysm expansion pack. Examine the differences between the available races for the Druid before deciding on joining the Alliance or Horde.

Lets look at some traits of the available Druid races:

The night elf is very stealthy and getting out of overwhelming fighting situations is made easier with their increased dodge ability. The night elves’ Prowl spell gives them heightened scouting and hiding abilities. If tanking is more your style then check out the tauren which get a 5% bonus to total health making them much better as a Druid tank. War Stomp is a neat skill of the tauren race which lets you stun your enemies, letting you do extra damage for a period of time.

At the very start, no matter what character class or race you are playing I recommend keeping it simple. For the first several levels simply get a feel of your character and what you are able to do. Do your best to only stay in combat for short periods of time.

Stay clear of hand to hand combat when just starting out, try to fight from afar. But don't misinterpret this as just fooling around. Focus your efforts on questing and be sure not to miss any quests. Double check each zone you are in to be sure that you have completed all the quests available.

Practice, practice, practice.
Be sure to learn as much as possible from your available trainer before moving on to another area of world of warcraft. Get some insight on which professions might work best for your chosen character. Take some time out to learn about the different world of warcraft professions available. Different character class and race combinations will need different professions and secondary skills, so check into which will help you the most. Most players don't think about getting a mount until much latter, but I suggest planning ahead and saving some gold so you can get a mount as soon as you hit level 20.

Thanks and Happy Gaming.
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WOW Druid Leveling & Quest Guide

World of Warcraft Help

WOW Leveling Guide


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