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WOW Mage Leveling & Quest Guide


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WOW Mage Leveling & Quest Guide
Good going, you are playing a Mage in world of warcraft. If this is the first time you have played a Mage you should find this information helpful to help get you going. Here we will give a general overview of basic Mage leveling and some points on getting your Mage on it's way too the higher levels A. S. A. P.

The WOW Mage is simular to Mage's that you might have seen in other fantasy games. The Mage is typically weak in stature but strong in spell casting. The world of warcraft Mage fits this description, but the strong magic that the Mage uses certainly makes up for any other weaknesses.
Being a Mage you are not adept to melee fighting, the Mage character simply does not have the melee skills necessary. The damage that a Mage can cause is outstanding, but the Mage needs to be protected since it has no self healing abilities. A Mage is a huge help in group play as it can create food and water, deal increadible damage to its foes and can
save lots of time since it can transport its group to capital cities from any place in an instance.

Some points to consider when choosing a Mage race:

The draenei have a skill called Gift of the Naaru which provides a Mage with a healing ability that it does not have on its own.
Along the same lines as the draenei, the troll race is helpful with its regeneration ability, though not quite as effective as the Gift of the Naaru.
The blood elf is by itself a very powerful race with Arcane Torrent and Arcane Affinity and complements the Mage class very nicely.
The gnomes ability to replenish mana with Expansive Mind is great for a Mage and they can get away from trouble using their Escape Artist talent.
I feel that humans are just so-so as a mage. They have diplomacy which will help your reputations but they don't help the Mage class much as they have sword and mace specializations which are of no use to the Mage class.
The forsaken has some benefits against priests and warlocks but thats about it, so a forsaken Mage is probably the most challenging to play.

At the very start, no matter what character class or race you are playing I recommend keeping it simple. For the first several levels simply get a feel of your character and what you are able to do. Keep yourself out of harms way by avoiding long periods of fighting.

Fight from a distance in the beginning using spells and long range weapons. This doesn't mean you should just stay clear and waste time. Pay close attention to questing and be sure to do every quest you can get your hands on. You don't want to miss out on any quests during your first several levels, so make sure you do them all.

Some people may disagree but I find the Mage to be one of the easier classes to play at the beginning levels. Early on the Mage will rely on it's powerful Fireball spell to defeat it's foes from afar. On top of the Fireball spell the Mage also has Frost Armor to help compensate for it's poor defensive
abilities making leveling much easier. When the Mage uses these two spells together it will make leveling go much faster.

WOW Mage Leveling & Quest Guide

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