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The amount of money is spent on the overall game, users of social cpa affiliate networks


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One of the biggest figures in Russian unsolicited mail industry Petr Ivanenko in his leisure time playing in a personal game, and she has spent on it possesses 15-20 thousand very genuine euro. Browser Game copes with computer genius dearly: he thought i would become president of Russia as well as the virtual spent on the particular presidential campaign this extraordinary sum. The history of the most important virtual world game - Warcraft: Sword superpowers son of any wealthy Muscovite purchased pertaining to 10 thousand dollars.

By doing this, many gamers and earn prosizhivaya day for the computer to get the particular artifact “honest" way, after which it sell it to abundant impatient player. Particularly lively this business mastered throughout China, where human time just isn't so expensive. And it's the time - the main product inside the virtual games.

Game programmers have caught the craze, and specially created virtual weapon including a virtual real estate that cannot be purchased without having to pay extra for it is not serious money. Little by small, become a virtual game of your industry. Industry, which features already earned, even inside Russia. Foreign experience Seemed to be recently published report Electronic digital Goods Report 2010, compiled by members belonging to the marketing agency VGMarket in addition to development company solutions to the monetization of social marketing web PlaySpan. It says that concerning 64% of virtual games make a minumum of one purchase per month. About 9% belonging to the players makes them everyday.

In total, the analyze was interviewed 2, 221 answerers aged 13-64 years. The survey was conducted while in the U. S.

and showed which the average American spends on games 23. 7 hours monthly. Some have brought this figure as much as 50 hours, that is usually, play more than perform.

But a true oasis for the introduction of online games have become myspace - since Facebook become available its code to programmers in 2007. Average user games within Facebook now spends about them about 50 dollars 12 months. Events in this marketplace develop now rapidly: The search engines, according to some solutions, has invested $ 200 million while in the largest developer of games Zynga, Disney bought the provider Playdom for $ 763 thousand (or even earlier - the biggest children's online game Guide - for $ 700 million) and also the world's largest game writer Electronic Arts has invested 275 million while in the second-largest developer of cultural games - Playfish.

Yahoo has already signed a partnership with Zynga that will certainly enjoy their gaming expertise. Only in the earliest half of 2010, this particular developer has received profits of $ 350 trillion and in 2011 needs to receive 1 million revenue. Incidentally, this is exactly Zynga made “farm" with the game the most money to try modern social networks, although they've got come up in Tiongkok. Most of the average user spends to the game in Facebook ($ FIFTY per year), less : to turn-MMO (40), identical amount - small fans to get “casual games". For comparing: the average player regarding traditional PC-gaming spending about them only $ 37 annually, and a fan of consoles and also less - $ 30. Women spend more: $ 55 an average of, compared with 30 : for men. In the entire world of online games enjoyed by some 200 mil people, and this quantity is growing rapidly. Throughout total, these people spend to be involved in them in 2009 with regards to $ 3 billion Most important, winning in the market type of monetization of social online games - shareware. That means you'll be able to play them for free but to achieve additional opportunities to hasten processes, etc. - will be paying real money. Chapter 13, the real money is actually spent on virtual forex, for which buys guns, ammunition or pigs with the farm - a completely normal and sometimes required thing. Russian Virtual The Russian market of online gaming will continue to expand and is growing without regard for the crisis: an increase last season was 70% compared in order to 2008. The main directions of growth inside gaming industry: games for support systems and client-side game. Growing gradually slows down browser-based adventures. Daily Russian army of gamers while in the opinion of experts out of cash the bar in 5 million. The fact how the business of selling exclusive goods in games in earnest but will work in Russia possesses proved a Russian provider i-Jet Media, the success that “Chaskor" already written. The provider has adapted the China game to Russia, plus released “Happy Farmer" to help graze on open spots facebook. In the very first year of real profits of $ 20 mil, half goes to the social network, the rest is divided which includes a Russian publisher kitayvskim significant other. The fact that the marketplace is large, and developing, evidenced by a fresh new scandal: social networks “My World" in addition to “Classmates" refused to cooperate using the game developer Game Comprehension. The reason - easily use in games Game Insight software code that's copied from the solutions Mail. Ru. We are referring to the games “secret society" as well as “Miracle Farm. " Program codes are identical to people used in games, when purchased, the company Send. ru Astrum. “Classmates" in contrast in solidarity. “This decision isn't going to affect our further assistance with other developers: we you will need to support and promote rational created applications, and a cure for a counter-understanding on your current part, " - said in a very statement. Why steal the rule - if it truly took place - you can easily guess: the market is usually developing rapidly, and soon it has little room for different entrants, but because everyone will be trying to catch immediately. On average, real money games while in the Russian social networks fork out about 10% of productive players. “Average ticket" from the sort of player, which is driven company i-Jet Media, when reported by “Chaskoru" the woman partner, Alex Kostarev: “about 250 rubles. And we will no longer need. " The producer company Playnatic Amusement Ruslan Shelekhov “average weight and dimensions a player who repays (eg - about a tenth with the total) - depends on the kind of game. In the client video gaming - Russian player spends a median of $ 50 and also sotssetevyh - about MONEY 6. just click on the link : wow powerleveling .


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