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The Number 1 Farmville Strategy You Must Use


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It is little wonder that anyone first starting to play farmville really thinks about having any kind of farmville strategy. They are far more likely to just join up and start playing. It's only after playing for a bit that they work out there is far more to farmville than it seems.

I still find it amazing as to how farmville has taken off around the internet. In hardly any time it has become the most popular game ever played online. If you add up the players of the next 3 most popular games they still have less regular players than farmville. Maybe it actually is more interesting to make something rather than destroy it.

Once you have worked out that while anyone can play farmville it might be helpful to get some form of a farmville guide the fun really begins. Now don't panic its not like you are going to have to become a mathmatical wizzard or anything.

The primary farmville strategy revolves around acquiring farmville neighbours. This makes sense from a game creator's point of view because it was designed especially for the users of online socializing platforms in mind. They want you to go out and socialize online to discover your new farmville neighbours. The added bonus is that you can only grow the size of your farm by having new neighbours. Once you have run out of family that you know that play farmville to include as neighbours it then forces you to find more from places such as online forums.

Now in a perfect world this would be all right but unfortunately our world is far from nice. We stupidly join these communities with out thinking through the possible disasters it could create for us. We click on the join now tab and without thinking fill out all of the information it asks for us to join the site.

Have you ever truly considered what private data you are putting out there for any one to see?

I am certainly not attempting to stop you from signing up to facebook or other socially interactive sites but to simply make you think about what you allow to be seen by new aquaintances. There are elements out there whos fulltime job is to search through these sites looking for information on people so they can steal their identity.

You might say that it doesn't matter because I have no wealth anyway so they would have no interest in me. This is foolish and you must realize these people come from countries in the world where life is rough and the normal salary may only be $1 per day. For them to make even one thousand dollars from you would be a big score in their eyes.

It works a bit like this.

A person join up to one of these social networks like facebook. In joining it asks you to fill in all your details such as your full name, exact location and your date of birth. This then gets published on your member profile page which you not realizing leave open to all other members instead of locking it away where only trusted friends can see. Then you add a nice respectable looking picture of yourself to that profile.

Well done you have now given a scammer all the details he needs to begin making your life miserable. He takes the information you have given and makes fraudulant identification in your name. Then he goes and gets low value credit cards or store cards with that identification because lower limits have less checking done to acquire them.

The first you will know about this is when the statements start arriving in your postbox. This kind of fraud is rapidly increasing and makes the life of the person who has been scammed a total nightmare. It can take a long time to sort out the mess of liability for payment and having your credit rating basically black listed.

Therefore my number one farmville strategy is to make sure you don't get scammed by your new farmville neighbours. Use caution in what details you make available to new farmville neighbours . Have fun playing what is a great game but don't let it ruin your life.


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