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Play Blackjack online, tips and strategies


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Facts and Trivia

Most people believe Blackjack originated from the French game ‘Vingt-et-une’ – ‘21’. Napoleon was possibly the most famous player – he was well known to enjoy playing Blackjack particularly while in exile in Elba. When Blackjack was first introduced in the US, if wasn’t very popular so gambling houses introduced various incentives, including a bonus if players reached 21 with a jack of spades (black jack) and an ace of spades. Although this incentive was soon removed, the name Blackjack has remained until today.

Blackjack has enjoyed a renewed surge of popularity in recent decades, largely due to notoriety of card counting, including recent movies on the subject such as the 2008 film ‘21’.

Understanding Blackjack

In a nutshell, the goal of Blackjack is to reach a hand value of 21, without exceeding 21 (going ‘bust’). Players are dealt 2 cards to start with and can choose to either ‘hit’ (be dealt another card), or to stand (not to receive additional cards). Players play against the dealer whether there is one or several players at a table. Hand value all depends on the cards and how much their values add up to. Numerical cards are worth their face value, face cards are all worth 10, and Aces are worth either 1 or 11.

In Online Blackjack, players have various additional options to increase their chances of winning. Splitting is allowed when a player is dealt 2 equal cards and chooses to split these 2 cards and play them as separate hands. When you split cards, you will need to place an extra bet of equal value to your original wager. To double down is when a player doubles their original bet after receiving their first 2 cards. They must then continue and take at least one more card. Some Online Blackjack games offer the opportunity to surrender. This allows players to surrender their cards after the first 2 have been dealt (and before any further cards are dealt) for only half the cost of their original wager.

Blackjack Tips and Strategy

Counting cards is a Blackjack strategy first known to be used in the 1960’s when some clever players were able to win thousands in casinos until they were discovered. This strategy does work, but naturally, all casinos have taken steps to prevent it – if suspected to be card counting, you will very likely be banned from the casino. Nowadays, multiple packs of cards are used in any one game of blackjack and often are continuously shuffled. This greatly decreases the usefulness of counting of cards.

There is however a basic strategy which all players of Online Blackjack and land based should try to master if they want to effectively play Blackjack. It is based on the mathematics of the game. It essentially tells you what actions should be taken depending on the value of yours, and the dealers’ cards. For example, if your hand values 17 or more, you are advised to stand. Importantly – it does not guarantee that you will win, but provides you with the most mathematically logical decision to take.

The more you play Blackjack, the better you will become. You will start to find it easy to quickly evaluate any hand of cards and know the best action to take. Like all casino games, know your budget and set for yourself time limits.

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