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Farmville Hints are the Key to Farmville Happyness


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Farmville Hints from a knowledgeable Farmville gamer is really the only way to grow your farmville skills. If you are a about to start out or some one that is more experienced and you find your not getting anywhere then get a Farmville Guide.

If you put some thought to it really farmville gaming is similar to anything else in life. Useful advice early on is the least painful way to succeeding in anything.

Although this Zynga created game seems simple enough at first it can become a bit complicated to move up through the levels. Being aware farmville is a social media game gives you the biggest farmville hint possible.

The game wants you to socialize more with other players. Therefore your greatest rewards come from having neighbours. Your primary farmville strategy should be to acquire as many farmville neighbours as you can get.

You must ferret out and get as many neighbours as possible. Once you have these fellow players you must be good to them. Helping farmville neighbours gives you farm coin and experience points. You need cash to buy crops to plant and experience points to level up through the farmville levels.

Each fellow player can be assisted once per day. Helping is as quick as clicking on a button. The more farm friends you have the more aid you can give and the more you will profit.

There are also many other motives to have neighbours and clicking the link in the resource box will take you somewhere to gain more knowledge.

The best thing about farmville friends is the experience points you earn with out having to worry about planting anything.

This brings me to the second of my farmville hints I will share with you. Being aware of when you will be able to play is vital. It is stunning how many people fail to follow this easy farmville strategy.

Planting crops means you must be able to harvest those crops when they are ripe. Just planting a crop that can be harvested in 4 hours does little good if you are busy at work or in a lecture and not able to harvest it.

You would be surprised at how many people end up with failed harvests. All because they did not plan properly. You do not get farm money for letting your crop fail to harvest. What farmer ever got payed for failure.

Search for the seeds to plant that will fit in with your online time table. This will guarantee you will be available to harvest and resow effectively. The quickest crops to harvest are the ones you succeed in harvesting not the quickest growing.

I truly believe that realizing when you can be online and acquiring as many neighbours as you can are the 2 best farmville hints any one can give you. I realize there are lots of other farmville strategies for you to learn but getting the basics down is the key to a successful farm.

Hope this was useful to you and if you want more then visit for more great farmville strategy .


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