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Terran Strategies


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Have you been dreaming of becoming the next top-ranking terran player? You can easily be able to destroy your opponent. If you wish to take your Starcraft 2 game to the next level, this Terran guide is for you. The Terran species take after a human appearance and in a lot of ways bear a kind of similarity to the human race. Perhaps this explains why they are a natural favorite among Starcraft 2 game fans. Terrans rapidly use all the resources of a planet. People love Terran guides, they have strategies which are simple and easy to execute. This is possible as a result of the 3 major types of builds which are common within the Terran ranks and they are:
One Using Infantry units is called the Infantry Build. The most popular type of infantry build is a combination of Marines, Medivacs and marauders (MMM). It is a great build, but far from perfect. Other strategy modules include assembling en-mass Marines and Marauders. A great anti-air defensive strategy would be using Barracks and Reactors with Marines.
Second. Air - You want to bulid massive air units after your initial Infantry attack. You need to have a very large infantry attack at first, and the enemy will react to your infantry units, and then follow through by building an army to counter ground units, but you will be able to eliminate him, coming at an angle that is unexpected.
Third. The Mech Build - In this strategy, Thors and Siege Tanks are used in large quantities. The Thors take out the aerial targets while providing cover for the tanks which are used to take out the ground units of the enemy. Of course depending on the type of units your opponent builds, you may need Hellions and Vikings in your army. A Mech Build strategy cannot be rushed, it takes a lot of patience, it is more of a grind than a fast win. You need to slowly and surely advance one step at a time.

These are some good tips for any Terran player, regardless of the strategy you use.
· Always bear in mind the strong points and weaknesses of all the various races in Starcraft. It is imperative to know what the weakness of your opponent is before he makes his move on you. You will easily be able to exploit every possible advantage or strengthen up your defenses.
· Oftentimes people only look at Macro-management, but Micro-management is very important. If you want to become great at this game, then master Micro-management.

You wish to become feared and respected among all that play Starcraft 2, but know that this guide is just the beginning.


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