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Sneak Peek: Epic Mickey


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COPENHAGEN (Gamer. no): Most worth its weight in carbon should know who Warren Spector is, but I can for the sake of clarifying that he has the credit for much of the success of classic games like Thief: The Dark Project, Deus Ex and System Shock. In other words, a man with a solid compelling, and with Epic Mickey he got even Mickey Mouse to sound unrealistic exciting game in shape.

We've only seen a small part of what promises to be a giant platform, but definitely like what we see.

Wanton chap

Epic Mickey is a very special platform, especially if one takes into account that it is mainly intended as a child and family games. It is no secret that kids often try to milk a beloved and familiar concept, such as a movie or classic shape, but here is Disney and Junction Point have been liberating brave.

Because even if you control Mickey Mouse, the world's most recognizable cartoon character, so this game is about so much more. We are taken namely on a journey into the wasteland, where the forgotten world of cartoon characters live. The stories that are told and the characters we meet are all true Disney characters that have been forgotten, and we gad about in a world that feels eerily familiar.

In the same occasion, we meet a Mickey Mouse that goes back to its roots as a maker halvrampete pranks. In fact, it all starts by being curious about our little buddy trudge through his mirror and ends up at the castle of a wizard. Yen Sid, as he is called, is in the process of creating a world's forgotten and abandoned creatures by the magical malekostene's, but is eventually a breather.

Thus, Mickey attempts to borrow the brooms and the draw itself, but in a moment of over enthusiasm he performs to create a terrible monster. In order to whack it, he tries to sprinkle it down with paint thinner, and in the process he ends up spilling all over the thinner model on the table, which has now become a dystopic ruin.

Mickey end up getting pulled in this world, and well built, he finds out the sad story of the place, and we take responsibility to save all residents from the depressing conditions they now live.

He also meets Oswald the Rabbit, who was one of Walt Disney's early tegneseriefugrer and is considered to be Mickey's brother. He is envious of his brother's success and popularity, and tries constantly to thwart his, which of course makes it harder to restore the Wasteland to their previous state.
Mon decide

It is a mantra repeated ad nauseam to all trailers, interjvu and other articles on Epic Mickey, and it is the “paint and paint thinner. " These are the two basic functions that make up the bulk of the game, and they are the reason this is not the platform game in the street.

Interest basic means just about everything you see - be it buildings, shapes or surface - can be removed with a splash of paint thinner. In the same way you can restore things with a paint coat. This has an impact on everything you do, is what makes Epic Mickey looked fantastic exciting.

Producer Warren Spector is in fact known to give players extreme freedom in their games, and even if Epic Mickey probably not a new Deus Ex then offers it in many very interesting choice. Take, for example, fighting, where you can melt with simplicity enemies with paint thinner and then build them up again as your allies.

You use the paint brush to get around on a general way. There are in fact quite a few sets that are missing in wasteland after Mickey spilled the powerful substance of the model, and those that once existed are now marked with a vague silhouette. To discover these silhouettes are some of the challenge, since they often reveal links and other bonuses. And once you've seen the course so you can recreate what once was with a brush stroke.

Similarly, one can remove a lot of props, such as doors, walls and ceilings to take some nearby examples. You choose a large extent how you want to get to various places, and the game provides a wonderful mix of innovation, inuitivitet and playfulness rarely experienced.
Creative assignments

They paint the grips can also be used to solve the various missions you take on with the times, and it was a particular example that got it to tickle the belly of a role player who loves the flexibility. For it is a mission that is to acquire a rudder, but the shopkeeper who is in possession of it will not sell it.

Instead, he will want you to get in three Hawaiian masks that have been stolen. But where a traditional platform game in this style usually had asked you to blaze around in all KRINK and crannies to find these masks, Mickey Epic offers more.

Here you can just run and find a mask, submit it and tell the shopkeeper that you return with the other two. The happy man in the shop put the mask in the back room at once, so that he avoids losing it again. So you can just slip behind the house(like as tibia gold ), melt the rear wall with paint thinner, remove the mask and give it to him again.

The shop owner then turns back to the cluttered back room again with a new mask, and you can repeat the process. This is not just open the selection at its most extreme, but it offers a subtle and freedom of choice that is both exciting and liberating.
Platform does not forget roots

Epic Mickey is obviously a platform, basically, although it ispes adventure game elements, and this part of the game has plenty of charm and finesse to stand on its own. There is something terribly magical about the environment in the films of Disney, and although Epic Mickey is often darker and dirtier than most we've seen from the company before, so have the surroundings stunning style.

It is not to say that the Wasteland is just a big dirty dystopia, you also get a trip to gorgeous South Sea Islands and other, more colorful coats. And even though we've only seen a small part of a game that promised to be much longer than the typical platform game, the variety was good.

The enemies that populate the different areas are mostly robotic creatures created by “The Mad Doctor", but also the jealous Oswald have seen their chance to create some. The results are imitations of some of Mickey's dearest friends, such as Donald Duck, created by the nasty parts of residues that constitute a morbid outcome.

Yes, Epic Mickey is generally terrible dark to be thought of as a child and family games, but all presented with a childlike charm, and sketched with so ornate and colorful brush strokes that always feels harmless.

Junction Point should also be praised for the way they handle the transition between the different levels. We get to play through some of Mickey's most famous cartoons in 2D platform-style, and it is an extremely fun way to handle the load times.

Epic Mickey has an interesting concept, and that industry legend Warren Spector is involved felt good at the core of the game. Here, choice and creativity in the center, and it makes what could have been a simple platform game based on a popular game character in stedetføles fresh and nyskapende. I addition we offered sweeping smart and creative environment and not least - an introduction to the forgotten part of Disney's huge figure catalog.

There have been lots and lots of innovation in the major platform games in the last few years, but the rest of the Epic Mickey keeps pace with what we've seen so far, it may very well be the most exciting family game for a while.


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