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The FFXIV Build guideline


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Well done with buying Final Fantasy XIV! Hopefully to find out you in Eorzea soon. Exactly what should you complete since you've bought the game. This is a thorough, detail by detail help guide becoming a member of the ranks of Eorzea. Realize that this guide presumes you might have previously installed as well as updated the game client software package.

Square Enix Accounts
This is certainly a qualification to be able to enjoy XIV. Unlike FFXI, each and every one gamers must log in along with their Square Enix accounts information.

1. Simply click here in order to start enrolling your own Square Enix Accounts(https://secure.

2. Enter in your related location - This is certainly crucial! The game software program must match your registered area.
3. Continue via the steps to enter in the rest of your information and finish the signing up.

Creating Payments

Final Fantasy XIV has a monthly fee so that you can enjoy. Anyone will need to sign-up your form of payment prior to you are in a position to completely sign up your XIV account, so we'll cover that first.

Having to pay along with Debit or Credit

1. Click this link in order to access your own Square Enix Account Management Web page(https://secure. - Next sign in.

2. Choose Register/Update Card Information from the menu on the left.

3. Select Register/Update.

4. Register with Click and Buy. This can be done directly from the SE Account Management Page you just entered.

5. Sign up your own personal and card information.

Paying with Crysta Currency

Crysta is Square Enix's new type of on-line currency. It can be used to purchase game time and other things in the future. Click here for more info about Crysta.

Obtain Crysta using Debit/Credit

1. Ensure that your own Debit/Credit payment is actually setup. See the previous section.
2. Simply click here in order to access your Square Enix Account Management Page. (https://secure.

3. Click Add Crysta through the menu on the left.
4. Choose the sum you prefer to purchase, next select Click and Buy as your payment option.
5. Follow the proceeding steps.
Note: Connecting your card to your new Click and Buy account puts a temporary $2.50 cost on it. It is immediately reversed though.

Buy Crysta using Paypal
1. Click the link to access your Square Enix Account Management Page. (https://secure.

2. Click Add Crysta from the menu on the left.
3. Choose the sum you hope to buy, then choose Ultimate Pay as your payment option.
4. Follow the continuing steps on the pop up screen to validate your payment through Paypal.

Note: You will receive two E-mails quickly after doing this. One from Paypal confirming your purchase and one from SE confirming your Crysta balance.

Signing up your own FFXIV Account
Now, you will should build your own Final Fantasy XIV account. This really is fairly simple. :

1. Click here in order to entry your Square Enix Account Management Page. (https://secure.

2. Click Select Service from the menu on the left.
3. Choose Final Fantasy XIV (be aware: you will find currently two icons for this. Select the one together with the graphic on the right).
4. Click Add Service Account.
5. Enter in your FFXIV sign up code. This signal will be found on the rear of your game manual. BE Certain TO Keep THIS Signal SECURE. Do not THROW IT AWAY.

Essential note for Beta Testers: This is the point in which you could set up your XIV account to use your Beta info.

Picking FFXIV for your service account will enable you to maintain your own character data (however not progress/inventory) from the Open Beta. This will certainly also let you keep already registered promotional codes already registered to your Open Beta service account. You will just manage to do this however, if you used the Save Data choice when creating your Open Beta character.

Deciding on New Service Account will produce a brand new FFXIV service account and can Not really use your Open Beta information.

Right now, you are going to require to apply the payment method you have already create.

1. Click Choices Listing.
2. Click Add New Options to add your 1st character slot to your own XIV account.
3. Confirm, and pick the payment intervals you want to use: 30, 60, or 90 days. - Note: the first 30 days are no cost and you may not be charged.

Getting into Promotional Codes

The Collectors and Regular edition of FFXIV have diverse Promotional Codes. They will contain bonus services like Onion Helm, Garlond Glasses, Asuran Armbands and also in the future, Expansion Codes. They are entered in the same style as you key in your XIV registration code:

1. Click this link in order to access your Square Enix Account Management Page. (https://secure.

2. Click Select Service from the menu on the left.
3. Pick Final Fantasy XIV (be aware: there are currently two symbols for this. Select the 1 with the graphic on the right).
4. Click Add Service Account.
5. Add your own Promotional Code.

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