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World of Warcraft: Tips for leveling up the mage class


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Leveling any class in Warcraft can be quite a challenge especially now that you have to get all the way to level 80! But don't worry. There are several tricks that can make this ride easier and quicker and (let's be honest here) FUN!

MAGE SPECIFIC: Look for a build that fits your needs. If you are twinked out with stamina go for a fire build, you've already got survivability so you won't need wow gold extra ice. Don't be afraid to spend that extra gold when you hit the big changes. For instance, fire pre 60. 60-70 Ice will keep you alive. 70-80 Arcane will do some mad DPS. Google around for the best and most current builds for you needs.

GEAR: If you've already leveled someone on your server to 60 then stop by the auction house and splurge ninety gold on a pair of tuxedo pants and a clefthide armor patch. You can transfer these pants to all the characters you're leveling and add 300 hitpoints and some armor to a character as low as level one. This will minimize the time you spend making corpse runs which cuts a substancial chunk from your experience gained per hour. In addition to the armor patch (which honestly is all you really need) you can upgrade to greens or cheap blues, but don't worry too much because you're going to be flying through the levels so fast you won't keep any gear for long- aside from those patched tux pants which are irreplaceable until the Nether.

You're also gonna want bags. Netherweave are cheap but they bind so you can't give them to another character if you change your mind and reroll. Don't forget this because rerolling can be costly. Making a bag costs about four gold (overestimating) so don't spend more than eight on them. This will save you time because you won't constantly have to run to town to empty your packs/unload quest items.
ADDONS: -AutoprofitX- can speed up your level times because you'll just have to stop by the vendor and click on the top corner instantly selling all junk items. That is easy enough, isn't it?

Add to that the indomitable -quest helper- and you'll be set for addons that are necessary to speed up those levels. Quest helper will tell you where things get turned in, the best places to kill, where to loot objects, etc. It's a legal addon and helps you from having to minimize when you need to check for a loc or quest info. Just check your map! Woot!
GROUPING: Grouping is almost always faster than soloing if you can find a group quick or spend some time grinding while you wait. In the same line as plain old grouping out in the world, grouping in an instance post 20 will net you some faster experience gain. Add to that the quests you can complete in those dungeons and you might get yourself a level with just an hour of work. But if your group isn't working out, if they're rude, bossy and bad at what they do- you're just going to get slowed down so be careful when choosing to group.

SOLOING: Soloing might be slower but it is a constant. You know your strengths, weaknesses and the pace you like to set. You can stop for a bio break, snack, meal or favorite television show at a moment's notice and then pick back up right where you left off. No worries. It may be slower but post thirty you're going to net yourself a huge experience bonus just for turning in quests so keep your chin up!

-Clump quests together. Don't run across the zone for one task, make sure you have two or three reasons to go there and then complete a huge chunk before heading back into town.
-If you're looking to set a leveling record, don't gather or do tradeskills until you cap the maximum level.
-Sometimes it is more time efficient to just camp where you are instead of heading back to an inn.
-Don't be afraid to delete things if you aren't interested in the money. After all, as the goblins say “Time is money, friend. "

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