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WOW strategy guide


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WoW strategy guide
If you are a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game gamer, then you are surely a World of Warcraft fan. If you are then you know all about the head aches and challenges when striving to get ahead in World of Warcraft. Running around like a pauper with no sense of direction and no clue where to go and worst of all your coin sack is just about empty. Playing on the internet is supposed to be enjoyable, right? I don't know how you feel but wasting hours doing monotonous and dull tasks like blacksmithing or even worse re doing quests that you've all ready finished three or more times so you can make a little gold so you can advance your paladin just a little bit.
We have all poked around the internet for a little help when it comes to excelling in Warcraft. But be wary of a lot of the apparent World of Warcraft info out there.

It's unfortunate but there are droves of bad people who would not hesitate to sell you misleading information or even information that could get your account shut down from WOW. You heard that right, your WOW account could be shut down
for a while or even for ever. World of Warcraft has closely enforced rules and regulations pertaining to suitable behavior and fair game play in World of Warcraft.

Neglecting to comply with these regulations or the use of mods is absolutely prohibited and will cause your account to be briefly suspended or possibly even permanently shut down.
What a terrible feeling it would be to out of the blue, not be able to play your favorite game with your good friend's. Make sure this does not happen to you. Be wary of emails made to look like they where sent by Blizzard Entertainment that ask for your private World of Warcraft account information. If you should receive a message like this go immediately to World of Warcraft help to inquire if it is legitimate or a scam. Ask Warcraft help to check the email if need be. It's just not worth the risk.

There are so many scam's out there, I could never name them all. If you receive anything that sounds to good to be true, or says that they are going to give you World of Warcraft armor in return for money simply say nothing and be on your way.
Anyone that even mentions free account upgrades that sound like simple gestures are almost certainly not, so stay far away from them.

Make sure to find out what is permitted and not permitted in World of Warcraft. Don't ruin your reputation.
If you would like real help on how to play World of Warcraft better free of cheats or hacks check out a top rated World of Warcraft helper site that is strictly monitored and regularly updated and built upon. There you will find a ton of valuable WOW playing information that will in no way put your
World of Warcraft account at risk.

Not only will you find simple World of Warcraft help like builds, but even Alliance and Horde specific, character class specific and even profession specific help. So begin enjoying WOW more than ever by learning to play it safely and more effectively.

WOW Strategy Guide

WOW Leveling Guide


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