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Wining Jobs and Starting to Fight - Mafia Wars


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Mafia Wars is a text based browser game on social websites. The main goal of the game is to grow into the lead mobster in the game by progress your way up the ladder. Hot game FarmVille was made by the same developer, Zynga. Even though free to play, the developers do try to entice you to drop some money through the flow of game play, this is completely unnecessary.

Mafia Wars, what is that game all about? Well, you are presented to the game as a low ranking mafia member. You will be able to choose one of three character types of a mobster. Bonuses later on in the game and draw backs are based on which class you prefer. You can even have multiple accounts and play using each class and find which one you think is the greatest. Next would be to begin doing job which will establish your mafia credentials. After jobs, fighting in Mafia Wars is probably the most important, and perhaps consequently, most difficult in the whole aspect of the game. . When you begin, all you can do is fight off punks until you get enough money for a weapon. After doing the job few times, you will unlock different jobs. For this to take place, you must fill the yellow bar entirely. Once you advance up the levels, more cities will be available. New York will not be the only city to do jobs in. Each job requires a certain sum of Energy and will make it go down from every click. You can do the jobs as long as you have Energy. Some time has to pass for your Energy to get restored when you run out. It is a great idea to do jobs for few days each time you unlock a new city, then buy a business or two (Fantastic source of income). Also, leveling up will completely fill your energy.

Once you reach level five, you open the “Fight" tab and can fight other Mafia Wars members. You can take on people randomly from the “Fight" tab. The game then renders an attack based on your defense and attack points. The amount of unites you have controls the number of attack and defense points you have. As you go up in level more unites and tools are unlocked. Whichever mafia member has the better score profits from the fight. There are three more tabs. One is “Robbing" that lets you to try and steal the earnings from the place you are attacking. “Declare War" will allow you to fight your friends and other mafia members. “Hitlist" is a place where you could get some cash and experience foe attacking players that someone else is paying you to fight. It is a fun way to spend time while your energy replenishes. Once you know how to pick your targets, it will be easy to win. The best way to increase your ratings and make fast money is fighting different mafia members, probably in the entire game. Beware, however, because if you end up choosing the wrong targets, you would end up in the hospital, in all probability. You can also get awesome characters that you can't get other wise if you purchase some reward points. If you don't want to purchase them, you can try the website name, free mafia wars reward points and see if it works for you.

Also, you're going to want to begin adding mafia to your Mafia family the sooner the better. The best place to start is friends that you already are friends with. An good way to add Mafia players to your family is to venture on the forums, ones you should be able to see on the upper right of the home page. You will see a thread named “Add Me" which is a list of players looking for mafia members for their Mafia. Don't go crazy adding piles of friends all at one time though. Facebook or Myspace will guess you are spamming etc. so, go easy. You can probably place these new “friends" into a particular list so that they don't have access to all of your personal data that your real friends do on these social networking web sites.

This game is very time consuming. For example, it requires 5 minutes for Energy point. It is very easy to put in numerous hours into this game without even realizing it, I don't believe it ever ends. Since Mafia Wars is almost endless, it might get tiring unless you do something else when waiting for your energy to renew etc. I normally watch television or anything else. This game is addicting, nonetheless. This game is good when you are bored and you should go play it!


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