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Gate of Apocalypse


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Would you like to delve into a sophisticated world of a free online role-playing game full of intricacies, magic and endless battles where you could be the one victorious? Then a brand new RPG game “Gate of Apocalypse" is a right choice for your leisure time!

In this online game your objective is to participate in a series of fights aimed at restoring the peace and serenity on Earth. For some reason a mysterious portal appeared in the middle of the fertile lands bringing out the hordes of beasts spreading all over the forests and valleys, mountains and the surrounding territories. It all seemed like the era of humans was about to finish, and only some kind of miracle could deliver salvation to the humankind. . . Three heroes called Strength, Intelligence and Agile were destined to make this miracle true. Only courage and persistence, self-sacrifice and strong sense of commitment would bring a victory to a man that really deserves it. Be this miracle for the humanity!

In this fascinating RPG game you get a chance to play for one of three heroes that differ by their weapon. The girl is a sniper using a harpoon, two other warriors fight with a cold steel: an ax or a dagger. Each character possesses an amount of health, mana, attack, defence and speed displayed on the screen. The first round of battles seems to please the starters as it's not that hard to defend yourself, and the adversaries are pretty weak while the further you move on, the more complex situation on the battlefield becomes. For completing each level you get 3 SP (skill points) and a certain amount of gold as a reward. You may use SP later on to access to the skills of higher level or develop already existing skills. As you keep defeating enemies, your amount of gold coins increases allowing you to purchase new units, upgrading skills, developing your strength, self-heal and other abilities.

Check out the “items & skills" part as that's where you encounter all the necessary outfit, armor and weapons. After choosing a particular item in the shop, drag and drop it on the picture that represents your warrior. You may also add more skills but take into consideration that it's not possible to choose just a random skill. Some of them depend on the kind of weapon you're currently using. For instance, “bleed", “vampiric", “mass nosferatu" and “mass inferno" all require a sword, while the rest of the skills like “burning", “corrosion" or “weakness" are suitable for any kind of weapon. If you change your mind, click on the icon “discharge the skills".
Whenever you are done with the upgrades, close the window and pick a spot on the fantasy map of this adventure game to continue fighting. To move your warrior, click on the square with the boots. To kill the enemy (in the initial levels you will have to resist a brain-looking monster Shulikun) make sure you set up a target before clicking on his square.
If you realize the adversary is located way too far to be reached with your weapon, you may opt not to take any actions. Skip the turn letting the baddies come closer until you get an advantageous position for firing. At the bottom they're two options “defend yourself" and “skip turn". However, in case of melee or fight with a sword you do need to approach to hurt the aim.

To sum up, “Gate of Apocalypse " is an awesome RPG game with the elements of adventure and strategy where you're encouraged to apply strategical thinking developing your own character and assuming his role. Give it a try. Close an evil portal and stop the beasts!


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The Enemy at the Gate
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