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Fish! Let's jump!


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Fish! Let's jump! is a new puzzle game with a marvelous underwater design that makes you feel as a professional scuba diver!

Although the online game seems to be childlike and pretty naïve at the first sight, it's not that simple when it comes to thinking and actions. Online puzzle game Fish! Let's jump! is based on the principles of draughts game and even features similar rules of the latter. You got a seabed covered with ocean creatures that represents a playing board and the blue fish that you are supposed to maneuver jumping one over another so that finally all of the fish disappear and just one of them is left on the board. It's necessary to click on the fish with your mouse and then on the particular spot (a starfish) in order to get it moved. The puzzle game automatically provides you with a series of hints creating a circle around a spot where it's recommendable to move your fish. The fish, invented in this game, correspond to the pieces used in the draughts game.

Since the blue fish are compared to the pieces, they also jump in a certain way and follow certain rules. If the player of this online puzzle game starts the game being unaware of all these peculiarities and decides to move the fish randomly he might feel the game doesn't make sense at all. It takes some time to realize that the fish are only to be moved either vertically or horizontally, and never diagonally. It means that you can not skip a couple of starfish to move your pieces - if it happens, the level is obviously doomed to fail. Your task is to manage the fish carefully and get them together trying to avoid creating the distance between pieces. Even if there are only two fish left but they are located too far from each other on the board, the game is over because you run out of movement possibilities.

Fish! Let's jump! appears to be easier as long as you figure out the strategy of your actions and therefore move the pieces correctly. Enjoy the subaquatic world while solving puzzles of this free online game .


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