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Four Major Shake-Ups in WoW's Cataclysm


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Forests will burn, volcanoes will erupt and whole continents will crack when the Cataclysm expansion arrives. But the landscape of Azeroth won't be the only one undergoing a facelift-game features will also be turned upside down. Here are four shake-ups that will change how World of Warcraft is played:

More Specialized Roles with Path of the Titans System

End-game customization will get a boost in Cataclysm via the new Path of the Titans system. Characters at the max level 85 will now be able to choose from at least six paths that give specific stat boosts. Additional abilities can be unlocked for each titan path through raiding, questing, or PvP actions. This system along with the revamped talent trees and higher level gear will set one's character apart from the rest of the WoW population.

Modification of Item Stats via Reforging

Before Cataclysm, the default stat bonuses in each weapon and armor drop dictated whether it will be equipped, vendored, or resold at the auction house. But with the new Reforging profession, tailors and leatherworkers can now modify items in their chosen material for stat modification. With reforging, even warrior blacksmiths can convert the intellect stat (which he has little use for) on plate gear into more useful stats like critical strike rating or stamina. The new profession also opens new tools for fans of min-maxing, or the art of creating the best character by reducing undesired or unimportant traits and maximizing desired ones.

Faster Profession Leveling

For those rolling a new Worgen or Goblin toon, leveling up to an ‘Illustrious’ level Engineer or Miner will no doubt be a grueling task. The Cataclysm expansion makes it easier to reach the 525 skill cap by allowing multiple skill point increases per profession. This means difficult gathering and crafting tasks can boost the profession by more than one level at a time. The change will fast-track access to profession-specific trinkets, epic crafted gear and other valuable items.

Flying and Underwater Mounts in a Rebuilt Azeroth

Cities such as Stormwind and Undercity will receive a makeover to accommodate flying mounts in Azeroth. Aside from making Old World travel that much faster, flight travel also lets adventurers explore the original continents in a new (and high) perspective. Underwater mounts will also make a splash in Cataclysm, in line with the new underwater zone called the Sunken City of Vashj’ir.

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