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Aion - Another World of Warcraft Game


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Aion the Tower of Eternity is one of those flight of imagination MMORPG games that records the classic combat between the Elyos, the Asmodians and their hated enemy the belligerent Balaur. The story goes like this: Many years ago the Elyos and the Asmodians lived in harmony with their worlds enjoined by the Tower of Eternity. But when disaster struck their tower was split into two halves and the Elyos belonging to the lower part of the tower and the Asmodians who were a part of the upper portion. The split of the Tower was supposed to have awakened the Balaur a warring race and they began looking for revenge igniting the flames of war between the two portions of the Tower.

To play this game you are expected to choose a character from one of the two groups. The character you choose and the method in which you fight your battles will decide the eventual fate of the game. The main features of the game are: The beautiful and exhaustive graphics, the free flying and the flying combats and the Player vs Player vs Environment issues, where the system manages the NPC Balaur group who is your arch enemy.

In this battle, the currency is gold and you will need lots of it to maintain your characters. There are two means of making gold in the Aion; one is by grinding materials and the other is to do quests to make Aion gold. The faster of the two is to start with quests. When you complete a quest you are paid in gold alone or in gold with some other item. You can sell this item to make lots of gold. Combine this with grinding material and you stand to make more and more gold.

The Aion gold Guide will give you full details about how to go about making all the gold you need. Another important feature of Aion is crafting, where you learn to make various objects to travel and for your fights. Selecting the right skills will help you make quite a quantity of gold. Remember that when you collect gold use it sensibly because there is every chance that you will be totally floored if you do not do things wisely.

Aion Online will allow you to fly around the game world questing for Aion gold , looting monsters and dropping down into the middle of battles to gain Aion gold . The impact on the game is obvious; it'll open the whole experience up but you'll need to reach a certain level before earning your first set of wings


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