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Assassin vs Sorcerer guide in Aion


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Sorcerers are almost one of the top ranked pvp classes due to their massive damage and ranged attacks. However, you can definitely wipe out a Sorcerer in one clean combo because they have low HP. The problem while fighting a Sorcerer is actually get near them, and keeping them on the ground if you are fighting them in Abyss. Thay have many immobilizing skills. Use advance hide to get behind them, use your Beast chain, Ambush, and then go from there.

Sorcerer rules Abyss since wings give them a huge advantage due to them being a ranged attack class. They can just go around killing people while they are fighting other mobs and then just fly away. This is very annoying! To keep Sorcerers on the ground remember to use Apply Poisons, because when they are poisoned they cannot fly.

Do not forget to use Focused Evasion, Aether twisting, and if you are Elyos, use Spell dodging I to evade their attacks. Tips from a Lvl 35, Elyos “Use Aethe rtwisting + Devotion, then Ambush > unload your combos. " “Sometimes Ambush misses the stun, and when you are restrained quickly use Greater Healing Potion to remove. Then when they use Sleep or Curse: Tree or Aerial Bind, use Aethertwisting or Focused Evasion. " “Many pro Sorcerers cancel cast and fake your Evasion skills out, then use cheap DOT (damage over time) skills to erase your Evasion skills. So if you know it is a famous or pro Sorcerer, just know this may happen. "

Tips from Player: HoneyS, Level 49, Elyos
"When up against Sorcerers, its best to go up to them in Hide then use Rune Carve first. If your first attack is Ambush, they may just use their Blind Leap to get away. At that distance, just Greater Healing Potion will not save you. So use Ambush after they have used Blind Leap. Then use Beast Chain> Throw Shuriken > Crashing Wind Strike I > Follow up Strike > Surprise Attack. " “Remember that they have lots of high damaging skills, but their recharge is long as well. Use Evasion skills to avoid Aerial Bind, DP Explosion, and Flames of Hell. "

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