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Ultimate WAR Online PC Game Requirements and System Specifications


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Ultimate WAR online PC guide is really an exciting and great adventure especially for those people who really love to sit on their computers and enjoy the online Warhammer game. The question is: do all people get to avail of playing Warhammer online games? The answer is no since there are requirements (those which involves pc requirement) which includes the following: You need to have a sli or crossfire video cards that must have at least 8 gigs of memory or ram. So if the online gamer wanted to upgrade his computer he must have the knowledge regarding the game requirements concerning pc system.

For Windows XP and Windows Vista

There must be a minimum 15 gigabytes memory on the hard drive space, Pixel Shader 2.0 must be supported, 128 MB Video Card or 1GB RAM

Supported Video Cards must be available which could be in the form of ATI Radeon (TM) Series, then NVIDIA GeForce Series, and also the Intel ® Extreme Graphics.

Running Warhammer Online on your PC must involve certain mechanisms especially when it's already dealing with the hardware of your computers. To be guided, take the following guidelines as enumerated below. Choose between the two: Dual Core or Quad Core?

If you already have a 3D rendering, choosing dual core chips over your quad core would benefit an online the most. Focus on the performance rating of the chip and surely you will enjoy every game you will have.

Having Intel over AMD.

Intel CPU consumes much lesser power and does perform better compare to that of the AMD CPUs. On the other hand, if you're sensitive to your budget you might as well choose AMD since its very competitive right now. However, Intel will provide the online player the speed in game performance.

Having video cards.

Opting to buy a video card isn't a big deal since it will only expand the memory of your internal hardware. It will be much helpful since it would prevent your pc from hanging up and you could also download game as much as you want. Aside from the guidelines mentioned above, the following materials should be at hand to run Warhammer on one's pc.

Processor (Intel e8400 Wofdale).

This kind of processor is simply great. It would surely help you in putting up durable cooling solutions and getting away with the clocking matter.

Motherboard (Gigabyte GA-EP35-DS3L)

This stuff will surely cut your cost and will definitely hold an extra amazing support.

Hard Drive

Nowadays, gigs are rampant and very cheap so if you could buy lots do it. A SATA gig is much preferable over IDE. Ram

An 8 gig RAM is much preferable or even higher memory RAM's. Just remember how many slots your motherboard has. A 4 gig RAM requires you to have at least 64 bit in terms of its operating system.


Any optical would do. This would help the player to load online games.


The much preferred case is the Antec Sonata III. It's much desirable along with it 500W power supply. Having all of which make your experience in running Warhammer Online on your PC much simpler for an online gamer.

Do you want to get left behind, or always be one step ahead of everyone else in Warhammer Online?

Spend your mastery points wisely, get your equipment right no matter which army you are, and know the top Warhammer Online strategies at .

running warhammer online on your pc

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