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How to Make a Living Selling World of Warcraft Gold

Joe Simpson

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Does that sound the perfect job, just selling all your world of warcraft gold to make real money.    Well it's actually a reality for thousands of Chinese players who make a few hundred bucks a months simply working for the gold farmers.    I have to say I think I'd get pretty sick of the game myself though!

It is in fact perfectly possible to make a reasonable living selling World of Warcraft gold but you have to work smart not hard.   Even with the most super efficient gold farming methods the current prices are never going to make you rich but just selling your own gold is not what the smart guys do.

Ok here's a step by step guide - which I haven't tried yet but it seems sensible way to make world of warcraft money and I know certain bits of it do work.

  1. First of all you need to learn how to make gold as fast as possible - you either know this or you don't, Check my signature below for my favourite gold making guide - the one that works quickest (or find your own)
  2. Learn the methods backward so you can make gold very quickly - build up a stockpile on your favourite realm
  3. Set up a free web page on blogger, wordpress or squidoo - use the terms wow or gold in the name
  4. Spend some time adding tips and information on your blog or lens about WoW - do it regularly
  5. Work out how much gold you can make in a working day and set a price - currently about $30 for 1500 gold
  6. Find some friends willing to earn and teach them your methods and get them to farm gold for you
  7. As soon as your blog starts getting some traffic - sign up for an AdSense account
  8. Put some AdSense ads on your blog or lense some WoW clicks pay over a $1 a click on good Warcraft sites
  9. Keep grinding that gold and putting content on your blog

Well does that sound like a plan to make money selling World of Warcraft Gold?

If it was done correctly there's definitely a decent income there but the amount depends on the quality and content of your web site and the number of people you can get grinding out gold for you to sell.    Of course it's against Blizzards Terms of Service so you may well get accounts banned if you sell.

You'll never make a decent income on farming gold on your own but if it earns extra income while you develop your site and train others it will pay the bills, you have to be ultra efficient though or it will take you too long to earn enough to make it worthwhile selling world of warcraft gold.

Anyway Good luck and I hope you make your real life fortune in Azeroth. If you know how to make Wow gold very fast then go for it! If you don't then this is the very best Gold guide I've bought by a very long way - WoW gold guide



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