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Horde Leveling Guide Or Horde Leveling Guide Add-on?

Steve Phipps

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Not long ago the only option players had if they wanted a horde leveling guide was a written guide for leveling a horde toon that came in a downloaded . pdf format. Although these guides did and still do provide very good information for rapid leveling they are still a pain because you have to flip in and out of the game to read what to do next.

The other option is to print out several hundred pages and read along as you try and play the game. Now there are some pretty awesome horde leveling guide programs that take advantage of the ability to use WoW addons by converting those leveling guides into a mod you can install right into your World Of Warcraft user interface.

Like their written counterparts, these programs are designed by experienced players that have put together the most efficient questing paths to allow players to level to the top level ranges with their toons in a fraction of the time the average player takes to level up. These in game horde leveling guide programs also have built in expansion capability which means when expansions like the Lich King are added to the game players will be able to add the new power leveling information to take their toons to level 80 just as fast.

I personally like these programs and not so much because I am into power leveling characters but more because I have a limited amount of time to play World Of Warcraft. Like most people my time during the week is severely limited so I use my leveling guide to be able to quickly knock out a bunch of quests to level. This leaves me with more time to be able to work professions, play battlegrounds and get into raid groups instead of feeling like I have to spend all my time working on leveling.

The grind of the game that players feel like they are stuck doing every day to keep up levels with their friends and guildmates is a major cause of frustration and boredom in WoW. This ultimately leads to many players quitting the game. I believe, at least for me, these in game guides for leveling horde toons make the game much more fun to play simply because you have more time to do things other than grinding out quests for hours.

Interested in how these in game horde leveling guide program addons for World Of Warcraft work? You can get some good information and check out a video showing one of the best in action by visiting: Horde Leveling Guide .


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Merits of Using Jamies Horde Leveling Guide
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