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WoW Gold Farming - 3 Tips For Low Level Gold Farming at Levels 1-30


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When it comes to making gold at levels 1-30 in World of Warcraft, there's no getting around the fact that you can simply make a lot more money when you finally start moving into the higher levels. But that's no reason to think that you can't earn any gold until you get to level 30 or 40. There's plenty of chances to earn some serious money along the way. So here's three of my best tips for low level gold farming that should keep you earning as you head to lvl 30-40.

1. Farm Cloth

One easy way for low level characters to start making some money is to farm cloth. It is a high demand item and you can pick up linen cloth right from lvl 1 and will be able to farm wool cloth at level 14-30. Silk cloth becomes available at level 28. In addition to selling cloth, it will also be useful for you to keep some of it as you can use it to create slot bags.

Linen cloth is very easy to pick up as pretty much every humanoid you encounter before you hit level 20 will be dropping it. So just start on your quests and don't worry about it. But be sure to grab it along the way.

Wool also drops off humanoids, but if you're looking for the most bang, you can find some pretty lucrative drops at Ragefire Chasm, Ghostlands, and Thousand Needles.

2. Set up an Alt character

While an Alt character doesn't have anything to do with making you money directly, creating an Alt character will save you a ton of time because you won't have to running back and forth to the auction house. You just transfer any worthwhile items you find to your alt and then when you log back into WoW as the Alt, take the stuff to the Auction House. You should keep your Alt character someplace near the Auction house, preferably at the Inn so you can get the benefit of 4x rest XP.

Having an Alt will free up your main character to spend more time farming or working on quests which means that you'll level up faster and finally hit the levels where you can really earn much more gold.

3. Sell on the Weekends

To take best advantage of pricing differentials in the Auction House, it is best to sell stuff on the weekends and do any buying on the weekdays. So if you get some great drops, don't necessarily be in a rush to log into your Alt and send him or her trundling off to the Auction House. Sure, mail whatever you find to the Alt, but leave the selling until Saturday or Sunday, when the servers are at their busiest.

In addition to these tips, there's plenty of opportunities to earn more money while you are following quests, so take advantage of the drops that come your way.

If you want some really great advice on earning more gold at low levels and all the way to lvl 70, then you need to get your hands on Luke Brown's Gold Secrets Guide .

Looking for some great spots to farm? Check out Emma's website for her list of some of the best gold farming spots .


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