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Warhammer Gold Guide - Grind-Free Gold Farming


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The buzz meter of Warhammer Online went through the roof when beta access was given to players. Early in that stage of the game, it already enjoyed a loyal following, thanks to the people who have been long time fans of the Warhammer Fantasy setting tabletop war game. In the latest incarnation of the Warhammer series, players are treated to game content of massive proportions.

Although the game's beginnings can be traced way back during the height of table top and pen and paper role playing games, the MMORPG version has succeeded in upgrading the game mechanics to appeal to the new generation of players.

Warhammer Online may not be what you call a revolutionary game because it just combined all the elements of an MMORPG and improved on some of the gameplay mechanics. This does not mean that the player base will only have more of the same. They are actually given many options on how they want to level their characters. They can choose to go the usual path where they can run public quests and get experience points.

Those quests can be soloed but the idea of an online game is to foster interaction with other players that's why higher level quests may be better off completed by a group rather than by an individual. Warhammer Online, just like any other MMORPG, has an economy system wherein goods are traded in exchange for items or money. Gold is the means of exchange in the game. Needless to say, the more you have of it, the better your chances of surviving in the game. Let's face it, the only way you can equip your characters with nice weapons and armors is if you have enough gold. There is a serious need to farm areas that are known to have a significant gold supply.

The problem is that not everyone has the time to do such activity. Some players are more interested in leveling their characters to 40. What they fail to realize is that leveling comes hand in hand with wealth accumulation. Every step of the way, you will need to have gold to equip yourself with the finest weapons around. You also need to have items that will be able to increase the chance of your survival in high-end content. You cannot just simply rely on your end rewards upon quest completion.

There are ways to expedite your gold accumulation in the game. All you need to do is play smart. Try to strike up a conversation with people with a lot of experience in the game. They are the high level characters. If you are lucky, they will let you in on the secret. If not, you can take comfort in the fact that you can get an online Warhammer gold guide.

A good map will give you detailed maps and images to areas known to have significant supply of gold. These are profitable areas which you need to be on the lookout for. It should also have some tips on crafting so you can sell your items for a good price. That way, you can accumulate a substantial amount of gold to increase your survivability in the game.

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