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Review of Zygor Guides - Power Leveling For World of Warcraft


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The idea of starting a character and having to trudge through countless hours of grinding away levels from 1 to 70 is somewhat daunting and at very best a pain in the neck. With so many guides out there promising “tips, strategies and secrets it's very difficult to differentiate between a solid World of Warcraft power leveling guide and the dribble of some guy with a rogue who slapped together an eBook.   Luckily, for the rest of us there are several diamonds in the rough when it comes to leveling guides.  

Zygor Guides is possibly the best World of Warcraft leveling guide available on the market today. Let's explore why this is.   A typical leveling guide consists of an eBook or website of some sorts with some type of consolidated information available for you to use. . . . or so it would seam. Zygor Guides is different from these in one crucial aspect. It works WITH World of Warcraft.   Instead of having to jump back and forth between your game and your guide, Zygor Guides interfaces directly through World of Warcraft placing quest routes on your map, along with dots to mark locations, a large arrow to point your way and a myriad of other helpful tools right there for you to use while playing.

This alone sets Zygor Guides apart from the rest of the competition.  

Zygor Guides allows even the most novice of players to power level to 70 in under 7 days play time through organization and preparation. Rather than having you read how to complete one quest Zygor Guides shows you what quests you should be doing and in what order you should be doing them to maximize your experience gained.  The biggest secret to power leveling in World of Warcraft is to quest. That is to say finish quests.

Quests give massive amounts of experience for doing things you would have been doing anyway. . . such as grinding away. Instead of simply killing NPCs for experience, kill them for experience and quest objectives.  It's not enough to know to quest there is a huge benefit you get form doing quests in order. . . and this is where Zygor Guides shines its brightest.  Happy hunting and see you at 70. . . and then 80. . . did I mention this power leveling guide offers free updates FOREVER. So Wrath of the Lich King notes and quests will be added to Zygor Guides.

For more great advice on world of Warcraft visit:

Also, for more information on Zygor Guides and Power Leveling this blog is a must read:


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Not All World of Warcraft Speed Leveling Guides Are Created Equal
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