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How to Level Fast in WoW

Steve Phipps

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Learning how to level fast in WoW is something that many players try to do on a daily basis. The daily grind of trying to get a toon to the top levels wears on many players and is the cause for a lot of players quitting the game out of frustration.

I have been able to power level many World Of Warcraft toons on both the horde and alliance side by using a premium quest helper program that allows me to use the most efficient questing paths and eliminates those quests that may take to long to complete or that do not offer the experience or reward worth taking the time to complete them.

Even the members of my guild that have watched me power level past them started asking me to teach them how to level fast in WoW as if I had some super secret to power leveling. The fact is all I did was buy and install a good quest helper program I found. Like many people I aways knew they key to leveling fast in World Of Warcraft was by doing quests but figuring out where to get quests at a certain level and them how to complete them in the fastest manner began to become frustrating.

I also tried a couple of the free quest helper programs like Carbonite Quest and found that although they would provide some information they really did not give me more help than Blizzard had already put in the game. The premium quest helper programs are the same ones used by power leveling services that charge people hundreds of dollars to power level toons because they can figure out how to level fast in WoW on their own.

There are a couple really good programs available now that are in game questing programs. They provide step by step detailed quest information as well as way points and directional arrows in order to pick up and finish large groups of quests at one time.

If you would like to take a look at the programs that answer the question of how to level fast in WoW you can visit either of these two great sites:



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How to Increase Your Runescape Combat Level Fast
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