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Want to Be Become a World of Warcraft Millionaire? My Review on the Gold Guide Warcraft Millionaire


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I hate grinding. What a great way to start my review of Warcraft Millionaire by Brad Johnson. If your are like me and I assume most people are(that's why we are poor when it comes to WoW gold) you hate grinding. Of course as much as I hate grinding I love seeing 1000 Gold on my titan panel when I sign in. Now image how it feels when I sign in and see 23,000 .

I am a very competitive person, and so when I learned that there were guides out on the net on how to make massive amounts of gold I had to take a peak. Doing a basic google search I found quite a few different options all promising around the same thing. Gold and lots of it. I personally have bought and used almost all of the World of Warcraft Gold Guides out on the market today. I find that no one guide is PERFECT but when combined all of the guides give you another piece of the puzzle and or a second insight into a general concept.

What Warcraft Millionaire brings to the table is one of my favorite and most used guides. The auction house guide. This is by far the easiest most laziest way to make gold in WoW, and I find it TONS of fun. Nothing like buying an epic BOE for a 5g bid price and reselling it for its real 1000g price. (Most people by now are thinking that's a one in a million shot, but it really isn't when you learn the way to look for things like this). Personally I went from 5g to 1000g in one day of just doing normal “auction house farming".

No matter your play style this guide will help you to make a lot of gold along the way. Oh and I guess I might mention that Brad is the first person EVER in WoW to make 1,000,000g. That's one million by the way, and that's just insane. I personally cant wait till the release of Wrath of the Lich King when I know Brad will provide me with his inside tips on what to save now to sell for a fortune in the new expansion.

Check out my reports on the other gold guides out on the market today, as well as a little more in depth look at the specifics of Brad Johnson's Warcraft Millionaire guide Warcraft Millionaire Review


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